Monday, May 1, 2017

A little glimpse of heaven

GUESS WHAT?!?!?! I AM BEING TRANSFERRED.  God has the craziest plans for me!!! I am SO excited, but sad to leave.  But it’s a great feeling to feel that God trusts you and that you fulfilled your part when you leave a sector and that’s what I feel!!! I am so excited! I am not going to be a hermana training leader, but that’s okay because I am SO excited to just be a normal missionary and to give absolutely everything to the work and to my investigators!!! I am going to be with Hermana R.  I don’t know her, no one does, so I think she is relatively new.  I am SO EXCITED.  I will send lots of pics because I heard it’s so pretty there!!!  And an adventure for sure!!! CRAZY!!! 

THIS WEEK WAS INCREDIBLE!!!!!! I love Buin, I LOVE Hermana Owen, I LOVE the mission!!! I LOVE this gospel!!! But most of all, I love the Savior! Oh, God's plan is oh so perfect!!! 

I am so overwhelmed with all sorts of emotions!!! This week we continued with our goal to find 30 investigators in 30 days, and you know what? We found 7 new investigators this week!! And GOOD investigators!! Isabel and Daniela, Javiera, Blanca, Elvira, Adolfo. Oh the miracles just keep coming!! We have been working so so hard and I LOVE it because the Lord is really blessing us so much!!! Yesterday we even put a fecha with Angelo!!! (Our Haitian investigator)! He's a goodie!!!  But more than anything important that happened this week, was all the things that we learned this week. 

This cambio in Buin has changed my life!!! Never in my life have I felt so close to and so guided by the spirit. Never in my life have I felt so synchronized with God's will. Never before have I felt so humbled. Never in my life have I experienced so much peace-- real, lasting, deep peace. The gospel is just true! And when we live it, the Lord is more than willing to change, shape, and mold us into the sons and daughters he wants us to be. I feel like I just ended a chapter of my mission! And I am about to start a new one! And it is the sweetest feeling to know that I fulfilled my part of God's plan!! I am convinced there is no greater joy than to know that God can and does use you as an instrument in his hands, to bring to pass his marvelous work here on the earth. Oh such joy!!!!

So as I leave Buin, to go all the way down to my new area, I am so excited to see how the Lord will continue to grow my testimony, and give me new challenges and responsibilities according to my abilities! OH I am just so grateful! That's all I can say! So grateful for this plan! For this amazing cambio in Buin with these amazing people!! For the way they have helped me and taught me!!! I love them SO much but most of all I love my Savior. I love him so much!! And I will forever be grateful for his infinite atonement that has given me the ability to become like him. I love the atonement! If there are two things I love most in the world, it’s the Atonement and Missionary Work. And those two combined? Well, that's a recipe for the deepest joy I believe we can experience here in this world! I believe it's a little glimpse of Heaven. 

I am just SO grateful! I really don't know what else to say!!! I love this Lord! I love this work!! Come to him!! He is ONLY one that will heal you!!! And he will!!!!! 

I hope you all have the BEST week ever!!!! I know I will! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! Thank you for your love and support!!! 

With all the love in this lil’ Chilean heart, 

Hermana Christensen 
At last Hna. Christensen got to see Hna. Whittingham, her friend from home!!!

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