Monday, May 15, 2017

They all said yes, all three of them, three days in a row!

*We LOVED our Mother's Day skype with Ashley!  Wow, that girl fills up our home with sunshine, even through a computer screen!  She is doing so well and she is just so happy and smiley and excited about her mission!  We loved every second we had with had with her!  Here is her email:


Oh yesterday was so much fun!!! You guys really are my heroes!!!! Every time I talk with you guys you give me so much motivation to work even harder!!! I know our reunion will be a joyous one!! But it will only be joyous if I give everything I have right now!! So THANK YOU for inspiring me to do that!!! :) 

Okay this week was INCREDIBLE!!!!!  But what can I expect? It's the mission!! I am doing so good! I have made goals that I am really excited to fulfill this week! But really this week we have seen SO many miracles!! So many answered prayers! And so many invitations to baptism!! :)
My companion is incredible!! I don't know how I always get blessed with the best companions!! We get along great, and we have the same desire to work, which makes everything go so much better!!!!! It's such a dream being her companion!!! She is such a hard worker!! She never wants to lose even one minute of work, so we are always doing something to help the work progress! I love it!! She is so incredible!! We laugh so much together!!! Yesterday we were yelling in the street how amazing of missionaries each other were! 

What I am MOST excited to tell you guys is that we have really been trying to apply the goals and plans of the mission to our sector!! And OH MY, IT HAS CHANGED EVERYTHING FOR US!!! Now we don't teach a lesson without talking about baptism or covenants, and it's truly incredible just how many people God is preparing for baptism, but they just need the invitation!!! This week, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, we had three different lessons with three different investigators, and we explained the doctrine of baptism, and our testimonies, and then at the end of the lessons, we invited them to baptism, and THEY ALL SAID YES!!! All three of them!! Three days in a row!!! We were SO excited because I know they really will be baptized!!! And they were asking us questions about it, and how, and why and it was so amazing to see the glow in their eyes when they understood how grand this opportunity that God gives us really is!!! We are SO excited to continue inviting all of Constitucion to baptism!! The Lord is blessing us SO much!!!

Well, that's about it for this week! When I have goals, I have a direction, and it makes EVERYTHING go better!!! And I know that with the Lord's help, there is nothing we can't achieve!! I love you ALL have the BEST week ever!!!

Love, Hermana Christensen 

Skyping with Hermana Christensen was the best!

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