Monday, May 29, 2017

Nothing greater than bringing the gospel to these crazy Chilenos!

This week has been incredible!!! I feel like the time has gone by way too
fast!! We have been running from lesson to lesson and traveling and then
before I know it the week is over! It´s crazy!!! But it´s SO great!!! We
are SO BLESSED in this sector! We have so many people to teach and so many
people who want to be baptized! Now we just have to help them get there! :)

Hermana R, is incredible!! This week we had intercambios with our
Hermana Leaders and they were absolutely incredible! I am so grateful for
Hermana L.! I learned so much from her and we saw so many miracles! I
know intercambios are inspired because it gave me the excitement and JOY
that I needed to keep working with all my heart!!! I am so grateful for our
Hermana Leaders! They`re the BEST!!! But also being away from Hermana
R. made me realize how much I love her!!

 Guess what?? WE PUT THREE FECHAS THIS WEEK!!!!! I am so so excited for
them!!! One is O., and she has such a special spirit! She has born her
testimony to us of how she started praying like we taught her, and she has
seen MIRACLES! It´s incredible!!! We also put a fecha with V., an
antigua investigadora, and her daughter J., they want to get baptized
too!!! But the struggle we are having now is that we are always finding new
investigators, and that`s great because we always have citas! And we are
running around all afternoon, but because of that, it´s hard to have
consisitent contact with everyone to help them progress! We have lots of
potential, but it´s hard for us to give enough attention to every
investigator, but we are trying to come up with plans to help have more
consistent contact with them and to help them come to church! But it´s
incredible to be here!!!

Oh what JOY it is to be a missionary!! There is nothing greater than
bringing the restored gospel to these crazy Chilenos!!! OH I love them! And
I love you all! Have a great week!!! Keep spreading the JOY of the gospel!

Con todo mi corazon,
Hermana Christensen

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