Tuesday, February 23, 2016



Okay, okay, but on the reals, this was the BEST week of my mission so far!!! Man, I cannot even believe how much I have learned this past week! I feel like I am a totally new person!!! Haha, okay, just kidding. I’m still ‘lil old me! But HOLY COW THIS CHURCH IS AMAZING!!!!!! 

Okay, quick summary and shout outs for this week! First of all, shout out to my awesome Grama Egan for sending me a sweet Valentine!!! AND Mary and Kyle for their awesome letter and gift!!! I was the happiest missionary when I got your mail! It was like Christmas morning!!! And Karina too!! For the sweet letter!!!! It’s so exciting!!! 

Also!!! This mission president and president’s wife of Santiago Este are AWESOME!!! She was looking for me because she’s Melanie’s roommate’s parents! Haha -anyways I love them and they gave the BEST Devotional on Sunday night!!! Truly inspired!!!! 

Elder Rasband
Also we watched an AMAZING devotional from Elder Rasband on Sunday, and I saw a bunch of friends that are at the Provo MTC right now!!! So cool!!!! I spazzed out every time I saw someone I knew! Also, he is one of my new favs! If any of you guys are excited about missionary work, read his talk from Conference 2010 called “The Divine Call of a Missionary” or something like that!!! IT’S SO COOL!!!! 

Elder Bednar
Okay, okay, so I know you’re probably wondering about Elder Bednar, yes. He is one of my fav apostles too!!!! So it was Friday night and President was being all secretive, and it turns out it was because THE APOSTLE ELDER BEDNAR WAS NEXT DOOR IN THE CHAPEL!!!!! Well ya see rumors spread fast in a CCM with only like 40 people, so we were all buzzing like “Oh my goodness, we could see and Apostle!!!!” Anyways! He really was next door to speak to all the Stake Presidents, but we weren’t supposed to know or see him at all. But our sweet little district all kneeled down and prayed that if it be the Lords will, that we would have to opportunity to see him.  So we prayed and went on with our night, and when it came time to plan at 9:30 we heard Hermana Brady come in the building, and she said we could go line up to wave goodbye to him!!!! SOO COOL!!!! So we were all waiting outside and then OUT WALKS ELDER BEDNAR!!!!! HE’S LIKE 50 FEET AWAY FROM ME!!!! He gets in the car and starts to drive down the road, and then when he sees all of us lined up, he stops the car, AND GETS OUT!!! And he walks up to the missionaries and starts shaking each one by the hand!!! It was so exciting!!! You could just feel of his goodness!!!! And my sweet comp Hermana Hilburn has never met an apostle in her life; the best part of this whole experience honestly was watching her! He came to Hermana Hilburn, and since we were American, he stopped and talked to us!!! He called us by name, and asked where we were from and said it was nice to meet us, but he did it to each person individually!!! It was so cool! I know he is an apostle of the Lord and he did exactly what Christ would have done in that situation and he made all our dreams come true, in Santiago Chile, on an ordinary Friday night! 

Yeah. that. was. awesome.  Awesome week.  With an exciting ending!!! I’m learning so much!!! It’s awesome! I’m gonna miss these batch of Latinos leaving this week! Even if they were crazy, like literally crazy, like one of them had a goal to bite the president..... and he bit his companion several times.... haha so funny! But yeah.  But I love it here at the CCM!!! I’ll be so sad to leave but so excited too! These last two weeks are only in Spanish!!!! WISH ME LUCK!!!! Love you all! You’re all in my prayers and thank you for all the love and support you have shown me!!!! THE CHURCH IS TRUE, THE BOOK IS BLUE, SEE YOU IN (less than) TWO!!!!! 

All my love, 
Hermana Christensen 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

¡Feliz día de los Enamorados!

 DUDE THIS HAS BEEN THE BEST WEEK OF MY LIFE!!!!!! And oh yeah by the way, Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!!! I hope it was you best one yet 'cuz it was definitely mine!!!

So quick highlights from this week! I rolled my ankle playing soccer with the Latinos, YEAH!!!! It happened right after I just beat like 4 Latinos with my killer footwork.... so it was just me and the goalie.... I kicked it up did a backflip backwards scissor kick to score the game winning goal with just seconds left to play, came down on my ankle, but finished the goal!!! THE CROWD WENT WILD!!! Haha, okay, jk jk.  I ’m not that cool, but I did roll my ankle and it was like a grapefruit for about 4 days! haha   [And Ashley told me in her response to my letter that sadly they are not allowed to play soccer or basketball anymore :(  so now they just speed-walk for exercise]

Valentine ’s Day was awesome! And Hermana Brady [the MTC president’s wife] made us all homemade Swig cookies! And she heart attacked our doors, and their sweet Down syndrome daughter Annie even gave me a Valentine!!! She is the sweetest spirit.  I love her so much!!!!
Heart-attacked on Valentine's Day!
Oh also, we switched teachers this week and my new teacher is SO COOL!!!! He’s like a Chilean church celeb pretty much!! He sings the Spanish version of “Glorious” and “Arise and Shine” on the EFY CDs, and he sang for us in class and he sounds like an angel!!!! AND on top of everything else, he’s gonna be on “The Voice” for South America! He’s so cool and so spiritual!!! And he’s just so happy all the time!!!

The MTC here is so cool  ‘cuz it’s really small , so we are all so close! I love it! But really quick,  I just wanted to share a quick little proud moment for Hermana Christensen! So President was talking to us on Sunday, and he was saying that when we get out there, it’s gonna be hard, but we always need to be happy and excited about the work, especially when we are talking to people, and he was saying, some days you might have to fake that smile, and then he paused, looked right at me, and said "Well, probably not YOU!" Haha, it was awesome!!! Haha, it’s kinda nice to be noticed for just being happy!! Haha!  So 10 points for Ashley!!! Shoutout from the Prez!!! Haha

Okay, time is running out, but I just wanted to share something spiritual real quick! We did this circle thing in class where we all teach our teacher like he is the investigator and he just calls on people randomly to pick up teaching where the other left off.  So it was my turn, and I shared a scripture from the Book of Mormon with him, promised blessings like your typical missionary would do, but then he asked me how I knew the Book of Mormon was true, and the coolest thing happened! I didn't even feel like I was talking in Spanish, the words just came, but I just started testifying of my testimony of the Book of Mormon and how I received a confirmation from the Holy Ghost that is was true, and the spirit was like BAM!!!!!!! SO STRONG!!!! Man it was like the coolest thing ever!!! I was feeling it, and my investigator was too, and I was just like man, this church is so true. And after I was like, I wanna do that again!!!!

Anyways!!!! I love you all so so much!!! Thank you so much for the love and support!!! I learn so much more everyday!!!! I LOVE MY MISSION!!!!! Best decision of my life!!!! Can't wait to get out in the field! Just three weeks left! Okay, I’ve really gotta go now! Love you all!!! Never give up ‘cuz God is always on your side cheering you on!!!

Hermana Christensen

P-Day outing!

***And in her response to my letter, I asked her what was the biggest take away so far from the MTC and she replied: 

 Biggest take aways from my MTC experience, Hmmm, I definitely know that Heavenly Father is so loving, so merciful, and that He is waiting for every chance He can get to let us know that He loves us.  I have totally felt His love more than ever before in my life!!! And oh my heaven, I LOVE THE BOOK OF MORMON!!!!! SOOOOO MUCH!!! Seriously, I always loved the scriptures you know, but now I am like HOLY COW, THESE THINGS ARE SO TRUE!!!!! Man, they are amazing!!! And prayer. Prayer is such an amazing tool!!!! It's so crazy! Some nights I will pray for like a straight 15 or 20 minutes!!!! But overall, I feel like the biggest take away is LOVE--Heavenly Father's love for me and for all people! I am already learning to love in a way like never before!!!! THE CHURCH IS SO TRUE!!! I am so lucky to have it! Everyone should have it!!!!

I LOVE MY LIFE AND MY SAVIOR AND THIS GOSPEL!!!!! This is exactly where I'm supposed to be and I'm just so full of love!!! So, so full of love!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Another crazy week down here in Chile!

Hellllooooo everybody!

Another crazy week down here in Chile! The weather is super nice! And hey guess what? This week I got to play BASKETBALL!!!! With the Latinos! Haha-they are better with their feet, and we’ll just leave it at that! And we aren't allowed to touch the elders so it's kinda like ward ball again... NO CONTACT PEOPLE!!! Defense is a little awkward! Haha.  But me and my comp almost won world cup yesterday so we're kind of a big deal I guess! :). Yeah soccer is BOMB!!! 

Okay, so my district ROCKS!!! Except something super sad happened this week! Hermana Richards got hit in the eye with a soccer ball, totally got a concussion and scratched her retina! BUT it’s all good! After we fasted for her on Sunday and she had a couple days of rest, she is a lot more like herself and came to all our classes yesterday! Even though she has headaches still she’s doing well! Good thing the doctor here is like a world renowned eye doctor! Such miracles!!! 

I have learned a lot this week! Especially about loving the people! Hermano Diaz, my FAV TEACHER, did this door approach were we talked to Daniel who was really struggling, like he was acting all suicidal and it was so real and so intense and never before had I had so much love for someone I didn't even know! And in that moment I totally got a glimpse of Christ’s love.  It was so moving! It really was a cool lesson and I was like, I can't wait to get out there and just love the people!!! 

Also I got to go to the temple this week! The Santiago temple is absolutely beautiful! I love the spirit there! And thankfully they let me listen to the session in English.  When I was in the Celestial room I was thinking, “I want to be here with my family forever, like more than anything!”  It was awesome. I didn't want to leave!! 

And also.... I’m so, so sad that our Latinos left today!! :(.  And Hermana Ollerton, too.  [The Latinos that entered the MTC with Ashley, as well as Hermana Ollerton, only stayed 2 weeks since they already know Spanish]  It's sad because I don't know if I will ever see them again!!! I love my Colombians! They are so funny and so cute! And one night we were listening to the youth song “Embark” in our room and Hermana Carstillo taught us this whole dance to it and the Spanish words and stuff! Good memories! :) They are gonna be great out there, I know it!

But yeah! Another great week of learning ahead! I gotta run! Love you all!  Oh, and everyone go look at my new favorite scripture: 2 Timothy 1:7.  I LOVE IT!!!! It rocks! Anywho, love ya'll! Have a great week! 

Te Extraño mucho,  Hermana Christensen

Bumping into Elder Ryan Steggell last week!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2016


Hey Everyone!  I just received Ashley's first regular email today!  She also wrote a quick "I'm here" email when she arrived at the MTC.  So I will include both of them here!

January 27th Email:
OH MY GOSH EVERYBODY I JUST BARELY ARRIVED SAFELY IN THE MTC AND I ALREADY LOVE CHILE WITH ALL MY HEART!!!!! I am here and I am alive and I love you guys so much!!!! Chile is incredible!!! Out of all twelve of us missionaries only one girl lost a bag! Our driver bought us candy bars from people walking in between cars in the streets! SO COOL!!! So my Spanish is like not great.... haha I am trying so so hard to communicate but you know what? Smiling is by far the best communication so I smile a lot! haha okay gotta go but I love you and I am safe!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!!! THE ADVENTURE BEGINS!!! AHHHHHHHHHH I AM IN HEAVEN I SWEAR!!!!!! :)

February 2nd Email:

Just so you get a quick sum up of the past week.... I survived a 14 hours on a plane, got my first companion, taught several lessons in Spanish, I didn't touch the elders, I laughed so hard I peed my pants, I learned that Spanish is hard, I played charades with my roommates, soccer with latinos, I still don't like carmel, I only had one breakdown, EFY music is my new jam, I really love missionary work, THE CHURCH IS TRUE, the spirit is an amazing thing, I told my investigator I wanted to give him an injury, I have THE BEST DISTRICT, annnnnnnnnnnnnd TODAY I SAW ELDER RYAN STEGGELL!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! 

Wow. I freakin' love Chile, man. BEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD!!!!!! Well at least from what I can tell here in the CCM!!!! So my companion is SOOO AWESOME!!!!! Her name is Hermana Hilburn and she is from the Bay Area!!! Oh my gosh, I don't even know where to start 'cuz I feel like I've been here my whole life!!!! Anyways she's awesome. Seriously awesome!!!! I LOVE HER SO MUCH!!!!  We laugh a lot!!! So yeah, she's freakin' hilarious and we work so well together!!! We bounce off of each other in lessons easily and she is so personable! She talks to everyone! Even all the Latinas!! So its been good 'cuz then I talk to everyone too!!! Man, I am so grateful for all the Latinos here!!! They are so patient with speaking Spanish with us! Its so fun!

Okay, so there's really not much teaching here in the MTC, I quickly learned they just throw you right in!!!! We've taught several lessons in Spanish already! And I can't hardly speak it but it is SOOO COOOL how the spirit is still there and it's still so strong and can guide the conversation!!! Last night was our best one yet!!!! The spirit totally guided the lesson and IT WAS SUCH A COOL EXPERIENCE!!!! Seriously man! Church is true.  We taught Hector. The Athiest. That's right people!!!! Hermana Christensen taught an Atheist 100% in SPANISH!!!!! So cool. I love it. 

As for the weather, when it's overcast it's really nice, probably like seventies, and eighties when the sun is out! It's summer! I love the palm trees! :)  And food.... wow they give big portions, I never finish!! At breakfast they have cereal but never milk. You eat yogurt with your cereal! They have fresh fruit at every meal which I love! The salad bar is a little different, but i like it! They have rice, potatoes, and bread with every meal so like CARBS BABY!!!! Ha ha, and they don't ever serve water... only soda! It's so funny! There's like this carmel spread that people love but I don't like carmel, soooo ya :). 

A typical day is: we wake up, have personal study with everyone, go to breakfast, then go to the park to exercise! Today I played soccer with the latinos and it was SO FUN!!! They also have one of those little park things with like exercise equipment? Yeah, so that's fun too!!! Then we go to our classroom for the rest of the day. We have language a little bit, but mostly practice teaching, like all the time! We've had a few Spanish lessons, but its kinda like you just have to study on your own. They just say practice is the best way to learn so that's what we're doing!!! haha

Oh and Yes!!!! There's two peeps i know here! Elder Berril was on my intramural ultimate frisbee team at BYU and Elder Willis is in our stake!!! They both go out to the field next week though, so yeah!!! 

AND I SAW RYANNNNNNN!!!!!!!! IT WAS SO COOL!!!!!!!! I was just walking out to go exercise today, and I knew I might see him today 'cuz he told me he was coming to the temple today, but like OH MY HEAVENS MY HEART DROPPED!!!!! I gave him the most heartfelt handshake you ever saw! We got a picture on his camera and I told him to send it to me so I will send it when I get it, but he is doing so good!!! And he has an accent now!!! :) SO FUNNY!!!!!!! Man, that was so cool! Prayer works everybodyyyyy!!!!!!

Okay, so my District is so tight man!!! haha! It's funny though 'cuz there are just two Elders! One from Cali and one from Canada!!!! And then the rest are girls!!!! We have nine hermanas and two elders! Kinda funny! But oh, how I love them all so dearly!!! :) Man. they rock. 
And then in my room, there's six of us, and two of them only speak Spanish but we have become great friends!!! Hermana Ruiz and Hermana Carballo are the Spanish speakers.  One if from Columbia and one is from Argentina! We talk to them so much!! Literally we talk the whole hour at night and just laugh our heads off!!!! It's so funny trying to talk in different languages!!!! And they've taught us lots of funny things too! Like the phrase Arrozito en baja..... meaning you have a friend.... but there's a little spark... ;) Haha, good times! WOOOO!!!! Man, I just love life. Even though it's hard sometimes, it's good! :)

Anyways, gotta go!!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!! THE CHURCH IS TRUE!!!! THE BOOK IS BLUE!!!!! I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK.... AND YOU SHOULD TOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Best of luck this week!!! Love and miss you all MUCHO!!!!

Te extrano mucho,
Hermana Christensen