Thursday, February 4, 2016


Hey Everyone!  I just received Ashley's first regular email today!  She also wrote a quick "I'm here" email when she arrived at the MTC.  So I will include both of them here!

January 27th Email:
OH MY GOSH EVERYBODY I JUST BARELY ARRIVED SAFELY IN THE MTC AND I ALREADY LOVE CHILE WITH ALL MY HEART!!!!! I am here and I am alive and I love you guys so much!!!! Chile is incredible!!! Out of all twelve of us missionaries only one girl lost a bag! Our driver bought us candy bars from people walking in between cars in the streets! SO COOL!!! So my Spanish is like not great.... haha I am trying so so hard to communicate but you know what? Smiling is by far the best communication so I smile a lot! haha okay gotta go but I love you and I am safe!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!!! THE ADVENTURE BEGINS!!! AHHHHHHHHHH I AM IN HEAVEN I SWEAR!!!!!! :)

February 2nd Email:

Just so you get a quick sum up of the past week.... I survived a 14 hours on a plane, got my first companion, taught several lessons in Spanish, I didn't touch the elders, I laughed so hard I peed my pants, I learned that Spanish is hard, I played charades with my roommates, soccer with latinos, I still don't like carmel, I only had one breakdown, EFY music is my new jam, I really love missionary work, THE CHURCH IS TRUE, the spirit is an amazing thing, I told my investigator I wanted to give him an injury, I have THE BEST DISTRICT, annnnnnnnnnnnnd TODAY I SAW ELDER RYAN STEGGELL!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! 

Wow. I freakin' love Chile, man. BEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD!!!!!! Well at least from what I can tell here in the CCM!!!! So my companion is SOOO AWESOME!!!!! Her name is Hermana Hilburn and she is from the Bay Area!!! Oh my gosh, I don't even know where to start 'cuz I feel like I've been here my whole life!!!! Anyways she's awesome. Seriously awesome!!!! I LOVE HER SO MUCH!!!!  We laugh a lot!!! So yeah, she's freakin' hilarious and we work so well together!!! We bounce off of each other in lessons easily and she is so personable! She talks to everyone! Even all the Latinas!! So its been good 'cuz then I talk to everyone too!!! Man, I am so grateful for all the Latinos here!!! They are so patient with speaking Spanish with us! Its so fun!

Okay, so there's really not much teaching here in the MTC, I quickly learned they just throw you right in!!!! We've taught several lessons in Spanish already! And I can't hardly speak it but it is SOOO COOOL how the spirit is still there and it's still so strong and can guide the conversation!!! Last night was our best one yet!!!! The spirit totally guided the lesson and IT WAS SUCH A COOL EXPERIENCE!!!! Seriously man! Church is true.  We taught Hector. The Athiest. That's right people!!!! Hermana Christensen taught an Atheist 100% in SPANISH!!!!! So cool. I love it. 

As for the weather, when it's overcast it's really nice, probably like seventies, and eighties when the sun is out! It's summer! I love the palm trees! :)  And food.... wow they give big portions, I never finish!! At breakfast they have cereal but never milk. You eat yogurt with your cereal! They have fresh fruit at every meal which I love! The salad bar is a little different, but i like it! They have rice, potatoes, and bread with every meal so like CARBS BABY!!!! Ha ha, and they don't ever serve water... only soda! It's so funny! There's like this carmel spread that people love but I don't like carmel, soooo ya :). 

A typical day is: we wake up, have personal study with everyone, go to breakfast, then go to the park to exercise! Today I played soccer with the latinos and it was SO FUN!!! They also have one of those little park things with like exercise equipment? Yeah, so that's fun too!!! Then we go to our classroom for the rest of the day. We have language a little bit, but mostly practice teaching, like all the time! We've had a few Spanish lessons, but its kinda like you just have to study on your own. They just say practice is the best way to learn so that's what we're doing!!! haha

Oh and Yes!!!! There's two peeps i know here! Elder Berril was on my intramural ultimate frisbee team at BYU and Elder Willis is in our stake!!! They both go out to the field next week though, so yeah!!! 

AND I SAW RYANNNNNNN!!!!!!!! IT WAS SO COOL!!!!!!!! I was just walking out to go exercise today, and I knew I might see him today 'cuz he told me he was coming to the temple today, but like OH MY HEAVENS MY HEART DROPPED!!!!! I gave him the most heartfelt handshake you ever saw! We got a picture on his camera and I told him to send it to me so I will send it when I get it, but he is doing so good!!! And he has an accent now!!! :) SO FUNNY!!!!!!! Man, that was so cool! Prayer works everybodyyyyy!!!!!!

Okay, so my District is so tight man!!! haha! It's funny though 'cuz there are just two Elders! One from Cali and one from Canada!!!! And then the rest are girls!!!! We have nine hermanas and two elders! Kinda funny! But oh, how I love them all so dearly!!! :) Man. they rock. 
And then in my room, there's six of us, and two of them only speak Spanish but we have become great friends!!! Hermana Ruiz and Hermana Carballo are the Spanish speakers.  One if from Columbia and one is from Argentina! We talk to them so much!! Literally we talk the whole hour at night and just laugh our heads off!!!! It's so funny trying to talk in different languages!!!! And they've taught us lots of funny things too! Like the phrase Arrozito en baja..... meaning you have a friend.... but there's a little spark... ;) Haha, good times! WOOOO!!!! Man, I just love life. Even though it's hard sometimes, it's good! :)

Anyways, gotta go!!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!! THE CHURCH IS TRUE!!!! THE BOOK IS BLUE!!!!! I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK.... AND YOU SHOULD TOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Best of luck this week!!! Love and miss you all MUCHO!!!!

Te extrano mucho,
Hermana Christensen

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