Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Another crazy week down here in Chile!

Hellllooooo everybody!

Another crazy week down here in Chile! The weather is super nice! And hey guess what? This week I got to play BASKETBALL!!!! With the Latinos! Haha-they are better with their feet, and we’ll just leave it at that! And we aren't allowed to touch the elders so it's kinda like ward ball again... NO CONTACT PEOPLE!!! Defense is a little awkward! Haha.  But me and my comp almost won world cup yesterday so we're kind of a big deal I guess! :). Yeah soccer is BOMB!!! 

Okay, so my district ROCKS!!! Except something super sad happened this week! Hermana Richards got hit in the eye with a soccer ball, totally got a concussion and scratched her retina! BUT it’s all good! After we fasted for her on Sunday and she had a couple days of rest, she is a lot more like herself and came to all our classes yesterday! Even though she has headaches still she’s doing well! Good thing the doctor here is like a world renowned eye doctor! Such miracles!!! 

I have learned a lot this week! Especially about loving the people! Hermano Diaz, my FAV TEACHER, did this door approach were we talked to Daniel who was really struggling, like he was acting all suicidal and it was so real and so intense and never before had I had so much love for someone I didn't even know! And in that moment I totally got a glimpse of Christ’s love.  It was so moving! It really was a cool lesson and I was like, I can't wait to get out there and just love the people!!! 

Also I got to go to the temple this week! The Santiago temple is absolutely beautiful! I love the spirit there! And thankfully they let me listen to the session in English.  When I was in the Celestial room I was thinking, “I want to be here with my family forever, like more than anything!”  It was awesome. I didn't want to leave!! 

And also.... I’m so, so sad that our Latinos left today!! :(.  And Hermana Ollerton, too.  [The Latinos that entered the MTC with Ashley, as well as Hermana Ollerton, only stayed 2 weeks since they already know Spanish]  It's sad because I don't know if I will ever see them again!!! I love my Colombians! They are so funny and so cute! And one night we were listening to the youth song “Embark” in our room and Hermana Carstillo taught us this whole dance to it and the Spanish words and stuff! Good memories! :) They are gonna be great out there, I know it!

But yeah! Another great week of learning ahead! I gotta run! Love you all!  Oh, and everyone go look at my new favorite scripture: 2 Timothy 1:7.  I LOVE IT!!!! It rocks! Anywho, love ya'll! Have a great week! 

Te Extraño mucho,  Hermana Christensen

Bumping into Elder Ryan Steggell last week!!!

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