Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Another week of growth, learning, love, and lots of laughs!

MOMMMYYYYY !!!!!!!! 

Wow! It sounds like you had another, incredible week!!! Awww I love my family they are absolutely PERFECT!!!! 

Okay this week! Another week of growth, learning, love, and of course, lots of laughs!!! So winding down from 18 de Septiembre, still lots of kites in the sky and flags in the breeze, but thankfully more people returned to their houses and we got back to the regular routine of things!

 I had intercambios with Hermana W., who started her mission 3 months ago, and man, that changed everything! She is so amazing!  Our intercambio was incredible!!! We saw so many miracles, and I can´t believe what an amazing missionary Hermana W. is! First of all, I feel so blessed to be able to learn from her, and I really felt like an instrument in God's hands. And, I don't know how, but somehow I was able to help comfort her and give her the guidance she needed.  In the end, with tears in her eyes, she thanked me because it was exactly what she needed to hear! I was praying so much to know how to help her, and the Lord was able to reach her heart during our time together. This spirit is amazing. She is struggling a little bit with the language and her confidence, but she has every quality the Lord needs from his missionaries. She is an incredible missionary!!! So full of the spirit!!! 
 It's an indescribable feeling how I felt so much love for her! I love the mission! I never imagined I could be able to love people so quickly and so much, but when we really are able to see people as Christ sees them, it changes everything!!! 

Soooooo this week I only almost got eaten by a dog three times! Good stuff! This week has been a trial of faith for us! All of our baptismal dates fell, and lots of our investigators are ignoring us or have told us they don't have time or don't want to receive us for now. It's hard when they don't choose the gospel, because they don't understand what they are missing, but no worries! We have SO MUCH FAITH!!!! This just means that there are more people prepared for us!!! 

! I don´t know what hit me, but yesterday there was a click in my mind, after lots of our investigators decided they didn´t want to continue learning, I felt so sad because I wanted them to have the gospel with all my heart, but then I realized how important it is to make it known to everybody the message of the Restoration, because this is THE most important thing in the history of the whole universe! And I am so grateful that I feel this now, because I need to change and bear testimony in EVERY moment for the rest of my mission, because these are sons and daughters of God! Why would I hide all this joy and knowledge? Why would I be afraid or timid in sharing this message? I don´t know! All I know is that everything changed!!! Everything totally changed!!!! I feel like I finally FEEL how important my calling is! And it all just clicked!!! 

My companion is THE MOST AMAZING COMPANION IN ALL OF CHILE RANCAGUA!!!!! I am so incredibly blessed to learn from Hermana M.!!! I have such a love for her! She has completely changed my mission!!!!  And as I said, this week was a little hard as far as progression. All of our fechas fell, and some investigators are avoiding us, and we don´t know why. But we had a very meaningful companionship study the other day, and we both felt very strongly that there is someone waiting for us still this cambio, and we are going to find her. We read “Pray with Faith” in Preach my Gospel and ever since, we have been praying and searching with faith, to find her. It doesn´t matter if it´s at 9:23 the last night of this cambio, we are going to find her!!! The Lord is trying our faith, but we know the miracles are right around the corner!! 

All in all this week was a success with our activity that we promoted about family history!!! It was such a success!!! All the members brought memories of their ancestors! We felt the Spirit of Elijah so strong!!! All the members were tearing up and it was so beautiful! I LOVE my ward family here in Rauquen!!!! 

Wow, as this conference weekend is coming up soon, I have been getting more and more and MORE excited! We had an amazing lesson with a lady named Fatima yesterday, and she is going to come to the conference, and she is going to come prepared with questions! I would like to invite all of you guys as well to think of a question you have for God right now in your life, and go to conference with this question in your heart and I PROMISE you will receive an answer!!!! I LOVE CONFERENCE!!!!!!! And I love this gospel with all my heart!!! More than anything else in this world, and I am SO BEYOND GRATEFUL for our beloved prophet, for prophets in general, and I thank God so much for this opportunity we have to hear His message for us, especially in these times!  I am so excited!!! We have been promising all our investigators they will receive answers at conference!!! And I know they will because you can always put your money on the Prophet!!! ;)  THE CHURCH IS TRUE AND THE BOOK IS BLUE, and never forget that God loves you!!! :) 

I love you all so much!!!! Have the best conference weekend ever!!!! 


Hermana Christensen :) 

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