Tuesday, September 27, 2016

18 De Septimbre Journal Entry & Pictures

Excerpt from her journal on 18 De Septiembre:

YAY!  It’s 18 de Septiembre!  YAAA!  Haha.  But actually it’s like the best Dia de Reposo ever because it’s actually going to be a day of rest.  We aren’t allowed to proselyte today because it’s dangerous because everyone is drunk!  Haha.  But no worries, we got plans to make pancakes and watch “17 Miracles” and enjoy our 18!  But yesterday was our 18 basically because it was the activity with the ward!  So remember how I bought a dress? Yeah.  I bought a dress de China (chinay wasso).  And Hermana M. had a dress with the flag and Hermanas E. and F. borrowed dresses so we got all dressed up!  And took pictures outside!  We are so famous that this guy from Poland asked for a picture with us!  Haha, so funny!  Then we went walking to the church.  The members LOVED our outfits!  And oh man, the activity was SO much fun!  I LOVE BARRIO RANQUEN!  WE really have the best members ever!  I went around talking to everyone with Hermana M. or Her. F. and took LOTS of pictures!  I love our members!  They are like a family!  But anyways, we had it all!  First we had empenadas.  Later we had churipanes, and then came the asado! Wow, it was so yummy!  And then everyone started dancing the cueca.  But it was AWESOME!  And so sad!  Like every member asked us if we could dance! L  But after the mish I am SO learning how!  It’s the story of a rooster trying to conquer a hen is what they tell me!  Haha.  But no worries, I got lots on video.  Oh man, it was so fun!  We were there for 3 ½ hours and it felt like 10 minutes.  And they were playing this weird folk dance music during lunch.  And Her. E. called it “hard core folk”.  Oh, it was so funny!  It was the PERFECT 18 with the perfect people in the perfect barrio!  

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