Tuesday, September 20, 2016



Wow!!! Words cannot describe how amazing this week was! A conference with President Packer from the 70, I SAW HERMANA HILBURN, tutoring kids in math, preparing my compi for her interview in English, and 8 de Septiembre: dressing up in traditional dresses and watching the dancing, eating lots of meat and empenadas, laughing our heads off, people wanting pictures with us, growing our testimonies, and literally the only day of rest in the mission!!! It has been the BEST week ever!!!! 

But, wow this week really has been a week of growth!  First of all the conference with President Packer was an answer to my prayers. I learned exactly what I need to do to be the missionary God wants me to be right now in my mission!!! I am so grateful for the spirit that testified to my heart. I have seen a change in myself. I feel like I woke up in the mission! My companion and I reviewed the talk we received about ¨El misionero que testifica y desafia¨ and we had a change of vision! We need to invite in every chance we get! And everything needs to be related back to the atonement of Christ, because that is the only way we can get back to God, and the only way they can be converted to this gospel! We are going to start inviting everyone to baptism! It makes SO much sense!!! I LOVE THE GOSPEL!!!! And talking to literally everyone! This week we had a day where we literally talked to everyone! It was incredible! I really felt like an instrument in God´s hands! We had a contact that was literally 30 seconds, but the woman told us her address and to come back next week, and that would have never happened if we didn´t stop her in the street! It´s incredible how God puts people in our path, but sometimes we miss the opportunities because we don´t open our mouths! I learned so much this week I can´t write it all, but I am so grateful for this mission and the direction we are going, and the vision President has for us, and the promise of Elder Packer!

Our investigator X. is really progressing! She has all the desires in the world to do what´s best for her family, and is SO hungry for the gospel! She read the whole pamphlet we left her and answered the questions! Jo. too, is incredible! She wants her family to listen to us, and she read the folleto tambien! She is amazing! Our lesson was so spiritual, and she wants to know if the Prophet really is a prophet from God! We also found Ju. this week! She is incredible! One of the most prepared people for the gospel! She studied with the Testigos for 21 years and said she never understood, but when she read the Plan of Salvation pamphlet, everything was clear, and she understood!!! God is answering our prayers and giving us people ready to receive the gospel!! I love this work!! 

THERE IS NOTHING BETTER THAN BEING A MISSIONARY!!!!! ESPECIALLY IN CHILE!!! The whole feeling of the country right now is incredible! Everyone has a flag outside of their house, and on their cars, they are all flying kites, there are SO many empanadas! Everyone is so patriotic here! We had our ward activity and dressed up!!! IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!!! So much food and dancing and laughter and LIFE IS SO GOOD!!! I love my lil’ Barrio Rauquen! There’s no place I´d rather be! Chile is the BEST country in the world!!! 

So signing off from this amazing week!!! 

Your happy lil Chilean, 

Hermana Christensen :) 

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