Monday, September 12, 2016

One year ago I opened my mission call!

Exactly one year ago, I opened my mission call to serve in the Chile Rancagua Mission, and I never imagined the crazy, most amazing experience was in front of me. I am so grateful for my mission! It has changed EVERYTHING and I am so grateful I still have so much time left to serve! I really love this country. It has changed my life! 

Okay so wow!! This week was full of intercambios (exchanges) with the Hermanas, cooking in the house, laughing my head off, inviting people to baptism, my first talk in Spanish in church, and SO SO many blessing from the Lord!!! Wow. I just feel so blessed! Every week just keeps getting better and better!!! The Lord loves me so much!!! I have learned SO much this week! It has been a week of learning!! I have seen my understanding enlightened by the Holy Ghost grow in many instances this week, and my love for all the Hermanas and our investigators has grown too! And I have gained a greater, deeper understanding of the atonement this week, and how it´s not just to repent of sins, but it´s actually to be used in every aspect of our lives!! 

My companion is AMAZING!! We have so many gospel discussions like all the time!! I really can´t believe how blessed I am to be able to learn from her example! I have learned so much from her in how to do the work, how to love people, how to teach, how to serve, how to help, and just in everything. I know companionships are so inspired! I just feel so blessed! Wow. Our sector is amazing. Right now we have 4 fechas (baptismal dates). And we are working hard to help them all progress! C. and Y. are a matrimonio (married couple), Yus. is a girl of 11 years, and F. is a boy of 11 year,s too. Franco is the son of a menos activo, and Yus. is daughter of another investigator. Yus.came to church this week! She is so amazing! And X., another investigator came to church for the first time this week! She loved it! I love X.  She is incredible and really wants the best for her family. She is so disinterested in herself and totally interested in everyone else! She cried in our last lesson and thanked God in her prayer for sending the missionaries exactly in the moment when she needed them the most. Wow. She is incredible. But that´s about it for our sector right now! It´s a sector of miracles! Every day we write a daily miracle in our agendas, but we can´t limit ourselves to one!!! 

I am so happy!!! And so, so lucky!!! The spirit is amazing!!! And he helps me SO much, like all day every day!!! Haha, I love him so much!!! I love my Savior!!! I am so full of joy for the gospel and this great work!!! I know the Lord prepares the way! 

Oh and I am SO excited for general conference in just a few weeks!!! 

I love you all!!! HAPPY 18 DE SEPTIEMBRE!!!! 

Your happy lil Chilean :) 

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