Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Answers to Prayers :)

Wow. Another incredible week in the best mission in the world has flown by!!! I am SO BLESSED to be here serving the Lord; I would not want to be anywhere else in the world!!!! 

THIS WEEK has been a week of answers to prayers!! Hola Presidente!!! Semana 6. Always the week with the most miracles!!! This week was incredible! More than I could have ever imagined!!! First of all I don´t know if you remember last week I explained that we had a GREAT companionship study about praying with faith, and we decided to pray to find specifically a woman that we felt was waiting for us.  Well guess what, WE FOUND HER!!!! WE FOUND LA MUJER!!! She is so excited to fulfill all her commitments and we are going to put a fecha with her this week! She is amazing! She is feeling alone and recognized that God sent us to her! Her name is L., she is so humble! That was the biggest miracle of this week! I know God hears our prayers!!!! 

Second of all CONFERENCE!!!!! WAS THAT NOT JUST THE MOST AMAZING THING THAT HAPPENED LIKE EVER?!?!?!?! For me this conference changed everything!!! I really feel more converted to the Lord right now in this moment than any other moment in my life, and this conference I really understood. I really understood the gospel deeper and with more love than ever before. We are SO blessed to have the truth! And the prophets!!! AHHH LIFE IS JUST TOO GOOD!!! I CAN´T BELIEVE IT´S REAL SOMETIMES!!! :) :) :) 

So sadly, cambios this week!!!  I feel like I have learned more this cambio than any other cambio in the mission! And I find myself saying that after every cambio! It´s amazing! But yeah! I am staying in Rauquen, as Coordinadora, with Hermana S. de Brasil! She has 2 more cambios left in the mission, and she is incredible as well! I am so blessed and excited!!! Hermana Franco is going to open another sector in another part of Curico!!! Whitewash round two!!! :) And Hermana E. is staying! But I am happy and excited! I knew from day one it would be too good to stay with Hermana Morales for more than one cambio!! 

Our sector is definitely better off now than how we found it! Even though we don´t have any fechas, we have many investigators with lots of potential! And Y. finally came to church!! She attended conference and loved it!!! I hope it was the answer she was looking for! For me, conference changed everything and the Lord answered every one of my questions!! Besides Y., we have lots of great investigators, but unfortunately the majority are not married, but living with their pairs. But I have SO much faith this cambio is going to be incredible!! I am so excited to work hard and give every ounce of my to the Lord to help bring these people the joy of the gospel! 

It was so funny! After conference Saturday and Sunday night, people kept telling us we looked radiant! And asked why, like what did we see? They noticed a difference!!! All we could say is we were full of the Spirit from Conference!!! So full of the love of Christ!!!! And that´s the truth!! The Gospel and my Savior are my source of JOY!!! I don´t think I have ever been happier in my life!!! It´s just true. That´s all there is too it!!! It´s all true!!! And I feel so blessed to be able to walk side by side with my Savior every day, and share this joy!!! 

I love you all so much!!!! Have the BEST WEEK EVER!!!!!! 

Love you all, 
Hermana Christensen  :) 

***Ashley's trainer, Natalie, came and stayed with us this weekend.  It was so fun to be with her and hear all of her stories about the 3 months she spent as Ashley's companion.  She loved her so much and sang her praises the whole time she was here.  Since Ashley didn't send any pictures this week, I am attaching a picture of her with Natalie from her mission and a picture of when Natalie came to visit us!***
With Ashley in Chile

With Ashley's siblings in Utah!

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