Monday, October 31, 2016

Hump Day! I never knew just how much my mission would change me!


Holy Hannah! I had no idea so much could happen in just one week!!! It´s insane!! But here we go! First of all, I have the BEST mission president who is SO inspired! And everything changed! We are now giving away two Book of Mormons and 2 pamphlet of My Family and making return appointments with these contacts every day.  And this week we had Consejo as leaders and made new goals for our mission.  I felt like I was one of the founding fathers during our great council. IT’S SO AMAZING HOW THE LORD IS HASTENING HIS WORK!! Oh my goodness! We are talking to so many people and giving them the opportunity to learn about this AMAZING gospel!!!! I am SO grateful for President! He is SO inspired!!!! 

So that´s just the beginning of this BIG week we had! We tried on pants, had special training with President, and at Consejo I saw Hermana Al-M.! I also saw Hermana F., my first trainer, for the last time probably because she goes home next cambio.  We had to stay the night in Rancagua so I got to go back to Machali and I SAW MY CONVERT M.!!!! Oh, my joy was SO full!! She went to the temple, is doing family history and personal progress, and LOVES the gospel! And nothing could make me happier! 

We came back and haven´t had water since Friday... so we have been showering in houses of members! Hahaha!  I have never been so grateful for water before!!! hahah :) O. and E. opened up to us, and are REALLY progressing!!! Their whole family came to church this week!!!! They LOVE the church!!! And they want this gospel for their family!!! We also had amazing lesson with our two investigators from Brazil!! I´m learning Portuguese because L. only speaks Portuguese! Her husband Luis is chileno, but they are AMAZING!!! I got my brother’s wedding invitation in the mail, and oh yeah!!! I HAD MY HUMP DAY!!!!!! 

9 months ago, I embarked on this journey that I knew would change my life, but I never knew just how much it would change me!!! I am forever grateful for my mission! I cannot imagine my life without everything I have learned here! Really, I could not be happier! The chance I have to bear testimony of my Savior in every minute of every day is absolutely astounding. I LOVE IT!!! I have such a testimony of this gospel! It´s not just a church, it´s a way a life, in every moment of every day! And I could not imagine a better life. 

I love you all so much! SHARE THE BOOK OF MORMON!!! It literally has the answers to every question, even the deep questions of the soul. Have a great week! And Happy Halloween!!!! :) 

All the love in this happy lil' Chilean’s heart, 

Hermana Christensen :) 

Found some gringo Halloween!


Service project

Look who's wearing the pants!



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