Monday, October 10, 2016

New Cambio, baby!

Okay this weeeeeeeek!!!! WOOOOOOWWWWW!!!! New cambio, baby!!! And man has it been FULL of new adventures!!! That´s for sure!!!  A few highlights: we are now living 6 hermanas in an apartment for 4, hahahaha, we found 4 new investigators!, yy new compi is INCREDIBLE, I got to see all my Coordinadoras in consejo!!! (Including Hermana Al-M.!!!,) we saved Hna Ms’ pictures, I got lots and lots of personal revelation and answers, there are amazing new leaders, and everything is so happy because the weather is getting warm and there are so many people outside their houses to talk to! 

This week has been so fun having six hermanas in our little apartment! It´s been a week to remember for sure! But I am so incredibly grateful for every one of them! We are learning so much together!!! I am so excited for this cambio!! I love my companionship studies with Hermana S, I have already learned SO much from her! And we have put some amazing goals to work hard on this cambio and we will help the Hermanas grow spiritually too! I know cambios are inspired because she is exactly what I needed right now!!! I love Hermana M so much, but Hermana S is really helping me progress as a missionary!! She is absolutely incredible!! I love her so much!!! She is so valiant! So courageous! And she has already helped me so much! We make a great team!! I LOVE HERMANA S!!!

 Our sector! So I don´t exactly know why, but lots of our investigators from last cambio seem to be hiding from us! But sometimes they just tend to do that.... hahaha.  But that´s okay because we found four new investigators, including a FAMILY! T, her husband, and her son V who  is 8, and they are incredible! The Lord is answering our prayers! I know when we pray with faith, the Lord will always deliver! We are trying to apply everything we learned in consejo (leadership meeting)  this past week, and the short lessons with members and menos activos REALLY WORK!!! Yesterday we went to visit a member who was baptized about 3 years ago, and we went in talking about her baptism and the feelings and spirit she felt and shared a powerful scripture.  It was incredible! She got emotional, and couldn´t believe how much the Lord has blessed her, and in the end, she gave us 3 references! It´s incredible how the spirit works! President is so inspired!!!! We are making big changes our mission!!! But Rauquen A is amazing! Our sector has so much potential! 

Okay I would just like share with you guys reallly quick that if there is one thing I know in the world is that the power of the atonement and the power of this priesthood is REAL. It is the realest thing I have ever felt, and that´s why I am here, every day to share with everyone that God is literally trying to help us, every second of every day, and His love is the most powerful thing in the universe!! I love love love this gospel!! The Atonement is amazing! I am so grateful I get the privilege to use it every day!

I love you all so much!!! Keep on saving the world back home and I´ll try to save the world in Chile! I LOVE YOU ALL WITH ALL MY CHILEAN HEART!!!! 


Hermana Christensen :) 

(with the heart of a frutillita)

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