Monday, May 2, 2016

WOOHOOO! Another great week in Machali!

WOOOHOOOO! Another great week in Machali C!!!!! 

Wow!  Another great week in Machali C!  But what week isn’t great?!  That’s what I want to know!!!  Okay so I am doing great!  Really great!  Heavenly Father blessed me with peace this week when I needed it, blessed me with a great companion, and He answered my prayers of how I can be a better missionary through divisions with Hermana Al-Malki!  She is my hero!  I want to be just like her one day!

So highlights this week-- I broke my bike this week, probably because I´m getting too chubby!!!   It literally ripped right down the middle!!! But my new one is AMAZIN!!!! And it’s named the black stallion! Haha! 
My companion basically only has 3 weeks left... weird!! I got to see a baptism in ENGLISH!!!! It was so cool!!! And we started English class every Saturday with futbol afterwards! SO FUN!! I really am starting to love the people more! And talk to them more! Because I can almost understand everything!!! Not every word clearly, but I feel like I can finally understand what they are telling me!! And above all it is FALL!!!! FALL IS MY FAVORITE SEASON!!!!! Man, it is SO pretty!!! I collect leaves like every day!!! Man, life is good here in Machali!!!

Also this week I had an amazing opportunity to fast to really know for myself that the Book of Mormon is true, because I knew it was, but I really wanted to be sure so I could bear testimony powerfully. So I fasted and prayed and prayed and I felt the Spirit so strongly when I read Moroni 10 during my fast and then Sunday night in a lesson, I just had a thought, just a simple thought, that yes, the Book of Mormon is true.  And I felt peace and confidence and it was a familiar feeling.  It was amazing.  The Book of Mormon is so true!  There’s just no way that it’s not!!!  It’s changed my life!!  And that’s what I’m trying to share with others!!!!  I love being a missionary!!!

So our investigators! J came to church! That´s the first investigator that we have gotten to come to church since Roberto was an investigator!!! It was amazing!!! It really felt like Christmas morning!!! And he stayed for the whole three hours!!! So yes! But we are going to have a very frank lesson with him tonight, because we don´t know if he really understands our purpose, but he has so much potential!! We have to keep working with him! And our sweet Grandma B! She couldn´t come to church this week but other than that she is progressing! She reads everything we leave her even though her glasses are broken! She is so sweet and we are going to extend a fecha to her on Wednesday!

We have lots of other investigators, but we are working on helping them start to progress more, and that´s about where we are at! But I learned so much this week! And I am about 1/5 of the way through the Book of Mormon in Spanish, and that´s a big deal for me! WooHoo! We have so much work to do! And I can´t wait to do it! I know this work is inspired! And I love being a part of it! There is nowhere I would rather be! I love you all! Have the BEST WEEK EVERRRRR!!!!!!!!!

All the love in all of Chile,

This ‘lil frutillita missionary! :)

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