Monday, May 16, 2016

A week of miracles!

Hola Everybody I Love!!! 

I know I said last week was a week of miracles but man, this week blew last week out of the water!!! FOR REALS!!!! Cualquier cantidad de milagros en serio!!! I am just grateful enough to be able to witness them! But I don´t have time for all of them so I will just share three of the biggest real quick!

 First of all, we went to go see V, an antigua investigadora and We have tried many times in the past, she wasn´t a part of our plans that day, but my super inspired companion said we should try, and she answered the door! And before we could say anything she say ¨Hermanas, mire...¨ which usually means the next thing they are going to say is thanks for coming, but I´m not interested, but, instead she said she is really interested in taking the lessons again! And she wants to bring her boyfriend to listen too, and could we come back on Tuesday? And we could not pull out our agenda´s fast enough!! It was a miracle! And she said yeah! I was almost baptized, but then I just got so busy, but I really would like to get back into it! And so of course we were super happy! Miracles!

 The second miracle was when Hermana Cook and Hermana Al-Malki were heading back to the house and one of our neighbors flagged them down, and came back out with a big cake! She said she was praying the other day to see who in our neighborhood she could serve and she finished praying, and we were the first people who came to her head! And she made us a cake because we are far from home and she just wanted to serve! Wow! A heart of gold! And apparently she doesn´t even have a religion! We couldn´t believe it! So we are going to return her plate today and talk to her more! I can´t wait! I just thought of the quote in Preach my Gospel that says, ¨The Lord has prepared people to receive his gospel, and he will lead you to them, or lead them to you.¨ He has definitely been leading them to us and I am so grateful! 

Last miracle I´m going to share was this week at church on Sunday! First of all B came for the first time! With her two grandchildren! But the miracle was all the Menos Activos that came to church! We had all sorts of Menos Activos and in particular two that we have been working with that haven´t come to church for a long time! My joy was absolutely full when I saw them walk through the doors! Miracles. That´s what the mission is! Miracles! 

Okay but Investigators! B is now progressing! We are trying to get her to have a spiritual experience for herself, so she can really feel the spirit, but she came to church this week! A great first step! With M, we weren´t able to visit her this week, but we have an amazing lesson planned for this week! And with J, we have a lesson with him tonight, but yesterday we had an amazing Noche de Hogar with him and a bunch of the JAS from our ward!

They are really fellowshipping him and it´s been amazing! They were inviting him to institute and he seriously is considering going! Even though he still doesn´t completely believe in God, but he is so full of the light of Christ! We are going to keep working hard with him! But that´s about it! We had an amazing lesson with Roberto this week about the Book of Mormon and he kept saying over and over ¨Le amo el Libro de Mormon, le amo, le amo!¨ Oh it was so amazing! And if all goes as planned he will get his first calling this week! 

Well I am doing good! I have the best companion in the world! We work so well together! It´s amazing how like in sync we are! We think the same things like ALL THE TIME!!!!! I think it must be the spirit! That must be it!!!!  And I just love her! Also, this week we changed the rules for ¨Spanish mode! ¨ For every English work I say during the day, I have to do a push up for it at night! The first night I had to do 19 push ups, and so basically either I am going to learn Spanish, or I am going to have really big muscles! Haha but it´s actually helping me a lot! I absolutely love the mission! I learn so much every day from all the people I am working with! And if there´s one thing I know, it´s that our God is a God of miracles, and there is no way they have ceased! He´s there every step up the way! Never doubt that!!! 

Okay well I gotta run! I hope you have the best week ever! And never forget how much this little Chilean loves you!! 

Con mucho amor, 
Hermana Christensen :) 

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