Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Four Months Out and Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes!

Hey how are you?! I love you!!!! Wow Park City! Have so much fun!!! Okay wow! Quick rundown of this week! 

Well this week we did a lot of packing, saying goodbye to members, divisions while my compi went to Santiago, more packing and crying and singing at baptisms, and my compi's final interview with President and everything. And Saturday night we found out the cambios! I am SUPER blessed though! I will be staying in Machali and Hermana G is going to be my new compi!! She’s from Columbia and she’s the one that knows Austin!!! Haha So not only am I blessed to be with someone I like and know, and have already worked with... But Hermana Al-Malki is staying in Machali too! She is my hero and I want to be just like her! I learn so much from her every day!!! But the sad news is Hermana Cook is leaving us! :( Man, we were so blessed these passed 2 cambios. These girls are my miracles. They have all touched my heart and helped me become better in different ways and I love them with all my heart!!! Last night we had our last noche de hogar with the four of us, and we went around and told everyone what we were grateful for and why we loved each other. okay this sounds SO CHEESY MAN!!!! hahahah I know it is but I JUST LOVE THESE CHICAS TOO MUCH!!! Needless to say there were LOTS of tears! But I am ready to work SO hard this cambio! And really lose myself in the work!!! There’s a lot to be done in Machali I know it! I just gotta do it! Haha But that was this week! I just dropped off my companion at the mission home and she is leaving on the plane this afternoon! Woooo Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes!!!! Hahaha yup! So that’s been my life!!!! 
The "Fantastic Four" (Ashley & her housemates) and friends

Last week with Hermana Darley

We had a lesson with M.  Oh, I love that girl!  And we asked, “What do you think you can do to better have the Spirit in your life? And she said “Go to church” and I was like YAAAAA!, because she recognized it!  And that’s the first step.  But she’s coming this Sunday!  Slowly but surely we will get her there!  She’s so amazing!  

(Answers to ?s:) Yes I am still healthy and keeping warm for now! And I am really happy! I really am! Sad this chapter is ending but excited for another, but at the same time sad because we were really lucky to be so close! It won’t be the same, but it’s okay! December of 2017 we are all going to meet in temple square and reunite! It’s a promise!!!! And yes, I am enjoying biking, but I broke my bike.... and I have to fix it hahaha so I gotta pay for that! 
Also... did you hear missionary sister are going to be able to wear PANTS!!! LIKE WHAT!!!! I DON'T WANT TO, but our mission is one of those missions apparently! hahahah 

Oh also one last thing! I gave Hermana Darley your contact info! Because I told her to visit you guys! Anyways in October I think she is going to conference so please invite her to our house if she needs a place to stay!! because I already told her she could! And she wants to meet you guys and just love her because I love her with all my heart okay??? :) 

And that's about it! have so much fun in Park City! Enjoy summer because its winter here and the people feed us so much freakin bread and I’m getting FAT hahahahaha yup! LOVE YOU!!!!!! 

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