Thursday, June 9, 2016

Miracles. Every single day!

Well here it’s finally getting cold!! Man! COLD!! But it’s all good!! Just a minor cold here!!!
So wow, yeah change!! But oh my heavens, I LOVE Hermana G. SO FREAKIN MUCH!!! We were SO meant to be companions! Like one thing after another, we just we work really well together. And she is strong in all my weaknesses and I have already learned SO much from her! It’s nice to be completely focused on the work again!!! And Hermana Al M. is training a gringa! Hermana B.! She’s from Cali, she’s 21, and a convert of a year and a half and I LOVE HER SO MUCH!!!!! I could not be blessed to be with better people!!! Seriously!!! 

So this week. Miracles. Every single day! We found TONS of promising futuros, and had some very powerful lessons with investigators. and M. ACCEPTED A BAPTISIMAL DATE!!! I love this girl so much! And she accepted a date! She wants this!! But now the real work begins! We need to help her feel ready and learn these things for herself. But man, it was amazing. And in church this Sunday, SO many miracles! B. came to church again! And V., who we have only taught one lesson two weeks ago, she came and she brought her boyfriend and they stayed for principios del evangelio! And M. came too! AND on top of that, this menos activo family that I found Monday night contacting came to church too! And Hermana K., another menos activo! I WAS SO HAPPY!!!! SO SO HAPPY!!!! Yesterday was amazing!!! 

But wow. The miracles are starting to flow! I am learning so much from the Hermanas, it’s insane. And if there’s one thing I know, it’s that Heavenly Father answers your prayers. In one way or another He answers: through my companions, the scriptures, hymns, and especially investigators! And sometimes I forget I asked for something and He STILL answers my prayers! Or He gives you something you didn’t realize you were missing! And it’s because He just loves us so much! That’s all there is to it! So remember to ask, because He is SO EXCITED to give it to us!!! 

I love you all!!! Have the most amazing week ever!!!! :) 

All the love in this Frutillita's heart! 

Hermana Christensen 

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