Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Grateful for the spirit

This week we had an amazing Zone Conference! I learned so many things, and it was another testimony to me that this work is inspired, because I was struggling with baptismal invitations, like how I should best go about that, and then SO many answers came during conference! It was amazing! Our church is so amazing! It truly is founded on revelation, and we each have the chance to learn directly from our Father in Heaven. So. Cool. Our church rocks, man!!!

As for this week in our sector, Bruni still has her fecha but didn´t attend church this week. But we will keep working with her! She had a hard week, and lost two loved ones, but it was an amazing experience to help console her and help her remember God´s plan. With Miranda, her fecha is for this Saturday, but we are going to have to change it. First of all because she hasn´t quite stopped drinking tea, but she has made significant progress! And second of all, her abuela says she won´t talk to her if she gets baptized. Miranda said if it wasn´t for that, she would be ready to be baptized! Freakin' Satanas. But it´s good for her to have a challenge to really put her faith to the test.  We helped her with some of her doubts and challenged her to keep praying for answers. We are going to keep working hard with her because she is such a good kid, with so much potential! Besides them we have some less actives that we are trying to help get to church, and a few new investigators, but that´s about it!

To answer your question of if I’m happy and healthy-- Yeah I’m pretty happy! Everyone tells me I’m happy! So I would assume so!!!  I laugh A LOT with my compiiii! She is perfect for me!!! Hahaha. I love that girl! And I have learned so much from her! It really is amazing how inspired these companionships are! We have LOTS in common! Which I would have never imagined I had so much in common with a Colombiana but we are like twins!!! hahahah
Healthy--- well this week I stayed in one day because I had diarrhea and was about to throw up all day.... I ate a bad empanada... hahahah it was so funny but horrible, but funny! So yeah! We pulled down my bed and watched The Testaments slumber party- style with fried bananas and rice that night because we had to be in early because of the soccer game. Yes, that’s a thing! The streets are too crazy when they play so we have to be in early!! SO funny! This week they play Colombia, AHHHHH!!! And oh man, did I hear about the game.... poor Mexico!!

Okay, to finish really quick, I just want to let you know how grateful I am for the spirit in my life! This week me and my companion had an experience where we felt the protecting power of the spirit. We both felt prompted to quickly leave an area we were working in, and we felt it really strong. At the same time. So no doubt about it we left! Nothing happened to us but I know it was the spirit who warned us, and I am so grateful to have the influence of the spirit who is there to not only protect us spiritually, but physically as well. I forget about that sometimes, but the Lord has promised, and we he promises, he sticks to those promises! I hope that we can all continually remain worthy to have the spirit with us always, because his power is so real.

I love this gospel, and I love this life! AND I LOVE YOU MOM!!!!!! Thanks for being my hero!!! Oh and Happy ANNIVERSARY!!!!!
Love ya! Bye!!!

- Your lil Frutillita :)

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