Monday, June 27, 2016


WOW!!!!!! It sounds like you guys had an absolutely amazing week! Oh my goodness your lil trip sounds like so much fun!!!! Awww!!! I am so happy for Hayley! I am so glad everything turned out so well!!! 
Okay!!! So this week was absolutely CRAZY!!! It was the Copa America, Hermana Al.’s birthday, Its officially winter, my president is leaving tomorrow, I found out I am actually twins with my compaƱera even though she’s Columbiana, M. is telling everyone about her baptism, it’s been so sunny, I destroyed my bike again, all four of my compaƱeras decided we are going to travel to New York someday together, all of that mixed together with teaching my first real English class, futbol, laughs, lots of contacts, some doors slammed in the face, but lots of learning and love!!! 
So if that’s not a crazy week I don’t know what is!!! 

So how are things looking in Machali C?! M. is REALLY progressing! She is telling everyone about her baptism on the 9th of July! She is really excited! I love this girl so much like me daughter! We dropped her off in Young Women’s alone this week and I felt like I was dropping off my daughter at kindergarten for the first time!! But she is amazing. With tea she is doing a lot better, and we explained that if she is going to be baptized she needs to stop drinking for these next two weeks completely and she said she will do everything she can to do that! We had an amazing lesson with her where she shared her testimony about Joseph Smith, Heavenly Father, and Jesus Christ. I LOVE THIS GIRL SO MUCH!!! It was seriously probably the BEST lesson I had here on my mission!!!  I hope she can make it all the way to her baptism! Other than that we have B. who is progressing a little slower, but still progressing. We have LOTS of Menos Activos that we are working with, and we are currently in the process of finding new people to teach. But that’s about it! Oh and en serio, Hermana G. is AMAZING!!!!! I know cambios are inspired because she is my TWIN and we are the same in SO many ways!!! This is so helpful because she knows exactly how to help me! I seriously never knew I could have SO much in common with a lil Columbiana but I LOVE HER!!!! We must have been best friends in the pre-existence, that’s all there is too it!! 

1. Okay questions!!! YES I AM SO HAPPY!!!! Couldn’t be happier!!! And man I am so old in the mission! I can’t believe it! But I am healthy too! I’m getting a lil chubs because these Chilenos know how to feed us, and feed us, and keep feeding us.... haha but I LOVE MY LIFE!!!!! 
2. Haha I have no idea about pants, but I don’t want to wear them! Ewww weird!!! Especially because all the pants that we can use look like the women police here... SCARY!!! Haha but its officially winter!!! It gets pretty cold in the night, but during the day when the sun is out sometimes it’s hot... like whaaaaaat? I don’t know! It’s not too bad! I am sups prepared so no worries!! 
3. (Explanation of a pic from last week): That was our zone "snowball fight" where we filled up socks with flour and had a snowball fight! And played dodgeball and MAN it was SO FUN!!!! So that’s what we did to celebrate winter!!!! 
Okay, so one last thing! Copa America finals last night! We had to come inside early, but ALL our neighbors had parties and it was so loud! And there was a neighbor who had the game on big screen on their back patio so that was funny! You knew exactly when there was a goal because it was SOOO LOUD!!!! And the Elders kept calling us for updates! SOO funny! And they WON!! And the streets were filled with noise all night long!!! Yeah there was constant yelling screaming honking and just noise all night last night!  Man, I love Chile. 
Thank you for all your love and support! I love being a missionary!! It’s amazing to see how the gospel can change people’s lives, and I know more than ever, I would not be anything without this gospel and my savior Jesus Christ. I love you all! Have the Best week ever!!!! 
Hermana Christensen 

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