Monday, June 13, 2016

I am learning a lot!

DAD GOT SURGERY WHAT THE HECK??!?!?! Wow, you guys really like to scare me with all these surgeries and things, but it’s all good because I know the Lord has your backs!!! Wow! But wow!!! Sorry you canceled your trip! I was really excited for you guys because Martha's Vineyard is in GILMORE GIRLS!!!! 

And wow, I could use some summer right now!!! Haha just kidding. But it’s getting pretty cold! But I am super prepared! So no worries!!! I am doing good! Well ehhhh, good some days, others not, but that’s life, ya feel? Missions are hard! 

Okay, answers to your questions!! 
1. Pres is leaving the 25 of June and I get my new pres. the 25 of June... so yeah! We will see how that all goes down but I’m excited! I’m super sad but excited too because President Harris will be my pres for the majority of my mission!! Man I am OLD in the mission practically! 

2. The work is good! We are finding a lot of new people to teach and MIRACLE!!! B. accepted a fecha too! And Paula got baptized!!! M. is not going to be baptized on her fecha... well, I guess I don’t know but we still got to work on some things because she still hasn’t asked God if this is true, but she wants to be baptized, but her grandma, who she is REALLY close to said she would never talk to her again if she gets baptized, so that’s hard. Really hard. But she is getting friends in the church, which is amazing! So we will just keep working with her! And there were several other miracles this week in my journal but I don’t have a lot of time because TONS of people wrote me! 

Here is an excerpt from her journal:  
Yesterday was INCREDIBLE!  I learned some amazing things!  So we were contacting this lady and we talked about eternal families and she was like Hmmm and said no. But then Hermana G shared about prophets, apostles and the priesthood and then something changed in her and she was like, "So I usually have time on Mondays."  And I was like wow.  That's when I realized something.  Everybody needs something in the gospel and it's not going to be the same for everyone, so you just got to keep trying!  Because they don't know they need it but WE KNOW THEY NEED IT!  So yeah! The biggest miracle of the day was with J.  So J. had a fecha and everything when I first got to this area, but then she just stopped.  She dropped us and we never figured out why.  And then she moved and we didn't know where.  So we were talking to this menos activa girl in the new neighborhood in our sector (that we hadn't been to before) and I looked to the side and I saw Pal., J's little sister, in the window so I was like WHAAT?  It was a miracle! So we went and J. was there!  That was also a miracle because every other day she gets back and 8 pm!  And the 3rd miracle is that she said we could come back next Thursday!  And I realized that if it had been any other missionary in that moment, other than me, they wouldn't have known, because I am the only one that knows her who is still here.  Wow, I really don't believe in coincidences at all.  It is all a part of the plan.  Wow!  The church is so true!

3. Todavia no package :( I hope it didn’t get lost! We will see this week! We have zone conference so I will be at the mission home! 

4. Espanol! So I can understand like everything basically. I can speak pretty fluently! Well,I can say everything I want to say because if I  don’t know how to say something I can find a way around it, so that’s amazing! I can speak! WOOO!! I still feel like I can’t, but I can! It’s crazy because I don’t realize I’m speaking Spanish like another language sometimes!

PS my new favorite person in the Book of Mormon is Abish. She is a BOSS!!! She’s in Alma 19 if you forgot, but she is a missionary too!!! 

 I am learning a lot!!! I am constantly realizing how weak I am everyday but the Lord always strengthens me and answers my prayers. And that is amazing. The gospel is life! There is no other way around it!!! 

PS Thank you for raising me the way you did with the gospel the center of our home. Hermana A. always asked me how you raised me and what things you did in our house because she wants to do things the same way in her home someday!! And honestly I couldn’t have a better family or better parents. You are a PERFECT example of righteous latter day saint parents, and I could not be more grateful!!! I just think of the scripture that the stripling warriors talk about their mothers saying "we do not doubt, because our mothers knew."

 I LOVE YOU MOM!!!!! Lots of prayers for you and dad! THANK YOU!!! 

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