Monday, March 6, 2017

Love for Paniahue and comic relief from some old ladies!

Ashley didn’t have time to write an update, so she just answered my question of if there was anything I could do for her.  She said:
Just keep loving me and keep praying for me! I feel like I have been so serious lately, like not really myself…I was just trying so hard to be perfect and feeling down every time I wasn´t, but I am good now! And I am happy!
But you can definitely pray for our investigator Fl.! Oh and N.!!!! We put a fecha with her this week! She is so amazing!!! I love that woman!!! She is dating a menos activo, and she came to capillas abiertas and a baptism and TOTALLY felt the spirit so we just put a fecha altiro with her!!!! I love the first lesson! It always gets me so pumped up about life!!! But Also M. and F., and L., they are our investigators and they are AWESOME but this week absolutely no one was there for their citas... But we are SO pumped for this week! 

Oh and this week we went to our other branch we are working with in Paniahue!!! I LOVE THAT BRANCH!!!! It was so sweet! There were only 10 members that came to church, and 2 kids but, all the members except for 1, and all the missionaries bore their testimonies and it was the sweetest thing probably EVER!!!! Awwww!!! I really love Paniahue! There´s so much potential I feel like! I am so excited to work there more!!!! And the Elders are SO excited to have some more support!!! WOOOOOO, it’s so awesome being a missionary! You just feel like a superhero!!! 

I am sorry I don’t have time to write an update. I love you.  Have the best week EVER!!!!!!! And keep sharing your testimony! That’s how I stay happy! :)  


And since she didn’t write an update, here are a couple excerpts from her journal this week:
March 5, 2017
“We went to work and I was being all serious… ugh.  And my companion was a lil’ down, but GOD KNEW what would cheer her up!  He literally sent two crazy old ladies to talk to us!  They were SO funny!  They just came literally out of nowhere!  The first lady helped us LAUGH so much!  With her crazy questions, blue eye shadow and hot pink lip stick!  Then the other old lady came and just greeted us and then didn’t say anything.  And then they just said how we were so pretty and they asked about our moms.  And then they said bye and disappeared in like 2 seconds!  We are convinced that they were sent to us to give us a little laughter!” 

“…With my comp we realized that I was trying to be perfect!  And that never works because you’re always just worrying about that one thing that you did wrong.  So that’s it!  My companion really is an angel sent to help me!  It just clicked.  I can’t be perfect!  I’m not going to be perfect, and if that’s what I think/worry about all the time, I’m never going to be happy, because I’ll never be satisfied.  It’s okay, Hermana Christensen!  Just because you have over a year in the mission doesn’t mean you’ll be perfect.  It just means you can be a little better than when you started!  I love the mission!  I love my companion!  And more than anything, I LOVE THE GOSPEL! And Jacob 4 is bomb! 

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