Monday, March 27, 2017

I absolutely love Buin!


I ABSOLUTELY LOVE BUIN!!!!!! I don´t understand how God loves me so much to send me to the BEST sector with the BEST people in the whole wide world!!! I already feel like Buin is my home. It is a sector of miracles, let me tell ya!!!! 

 Okay first of all this week has been absolutely INCREDIBLE!!! Buin is amazing!!! I have never had so many members ask us, the missionaries, if they can accompany us to lessons! There is SO much potential here!! The people are so nice! Everyone we talk to is JUST SO INCREDIBLY NICE!!! And so prepared! I don´t know what I did to deserve such a good sector, but it is AWESOME! 

 Our sector is amazing! There really is so much help from the branch for the missionaries! Everyone is so excited to share the gospel! We have one fecha, P., and she was reading the Book of Mormon, and realized she needed to be baptized! We have a few other investigators and we are in the process of finding more people to teach. On Saturday, in our planning, we put the goal to find 3 new investigators, and at about 6:30 pm we still hadn´t found anyone.... so my totally inspired companion was like, "We should pray", so we did! And the very next house we went to let us in! We taught U. y R., and they were two new investigators! We could not believe just how fast the Lord had answered our prayers! It was INCREDIBLE!! So many miracles in this sector! There are always people the Lord is preparing! And then later at 8; 30, we were just contacting to find a bathroom because I was just about dying in the street!!!! So we just started yelling "Halo"at every house!!! And a woman came out, but before we could ask her to use the bathroom, she asked us if we wanted to come in! OH YEAH, WE DID!!!  We more than gladly accepted! And when we shared the Book of Mormon with her, and she was reading the verses, she was saying ¨Oh that´s true, ¨ or ¨Wow, that´s right¨ throughout the whole verse we shared with her!! IT WAS AN INCREDIBLE DAY!!!  The Lord is always more than willing to fulfill with his part when we show him our faith! I LOVE being a missionary!!! I JUST LOVE IT!!!!! 
But all in all, this is the Lord´s work, he is always in charge, and he loves us SO much that he is so willing to bless us when we show our faith!! Show the Lord your faith and he will work wonders in your life!!! I love you all SO much! But hey, I´m sorry, but I love this gospel even more! It´s just so true!!!! Have the BEST conference weekend! It´s the best weekend of the year! I love you all! KEEP SHARING THE LOVE!!!! 

Hermana Christensen :) 

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