Monday, April 3, 2017

I am ALL IN! 120% IN!

Here is a little bit from Ashley's missionary journal, since she didn't write a general letter to send out this week: 

“I loved Conference yesterday!  Holy Hannah!  So much revelation and inspiration!  And at night in my prayer something amazing happened.  I felt love, I felt peace, and I felt that Heavenly Father is there.  I know he’s listening.  I am going to do everything to follow him and obey him.  I know in whom I have trusted!

…J. and A. came to Conference!  They are our investigators from Haiti and they watched it in English with us!  I LOVE FALL!  I LOVE CONFERENCE!  There’s literally nothing better!  This week it’s full on fall!  All the leaves are falling!  There’s a crispness in the air!  The nights and cold and I couldn’t be happier!

The crazy thing is that here in Chile there are actually SO many people prepared to hear the gospel and so many people that are ready, but it just depends on OUR faith and our diligence!  So here I am, ready to give it my whole heart, might, mind and strength!  I LOVE THIS GOSPEL!  I’d be so lost without it!

…Last night I was feeling a little sad, but I decided to go “ALL IN” just like Elder Sabin said in conference and BOOM!  When I really sincerely prayed, I totally felt the spirit come and I was so happy!  And this morning I woke up with SO MUCH JOY!  I was singing “Praise to the Man” and it was just so happy and awesome.  We celebrated the birthday of Hermana Susana and brought her balloons and a banner.  And then we raced to conference.  We taught J. and A. during the break and then we had to literally RUN to get back to the church for the 2nd session. 

 I am so grateful for this weekend!  For all the inspiration received!  I think what I learned the most is the love of God is the most powerful thing.  Love changes us.  Love motivates us.  And ultimately our love for God and for all his children is what will get us back to him!  I want to be a true disciple!  I am ALL IN!  120% IN!  And I know my Heavenly Father loves me! I love my Savior and his perfect gospel.”

With  Hermana S., a recent convert, on her birthday

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