Monday, April 10, 2017

The most spiritual, happiest, funniest, and most full-of-learning week!


Okay so this was the most spiritual, happiest, funniest, and most full of learning week EVER!!! I LOVE BUIN SO MUCH!!! But really!!! It is such an amazing place!! And every day is such an adventure!!! I really love it!!!! 

But this week! My companion and I are literally talking to EVERY person we see! Every single one, because guess what?! THIS GOSPEL IS WAY TOO IMPORTANT TO KEEP IT A SECRET!!! 

But by doing this, I have been filled with such an IMMENSE JOY!!! It literally makes me so happy! And so when 5 investigators committed to come to church, like we talked to them all Saturday night, and only one comes, it doesn’t even get us down because we are just SO HAPPY so we just keep helping!! It’s like that scripture in Alma 31: 38 that says, "que no padeciesen ningun genero de aflicciones que no fuesen consumidas en el gozo de Cristo." THAT SCRIPTURE IS SO TRUE!!! 

But anyways. This week we had interviews with President and I just felt so much peace that everything in the world was right, and my life is so amazing!!! And then this fast Sunday, my companion and I decided that we would fast to find 30 new investigators this month, one a day, because that is the goal of the mission! And we committed to do EVERYTHING to be able to find a new investigator every day!! So we left with all the excitement and faith in our hearts, we had a lesson, then we were out talking to people ALL afternoon, and our other citas with futures fell, and it was 20 minutes before our meeting with the ward mission leader, so we prayed with faith because we KNEW God would help us fulfill our goal! So we prayed, and contacted two houses, and man were they a bit "stiff-necked" and "hard-hearted" because WOW rejection. BUT we were like... okay that means we are doing something right because there is always opposition when it’s something right!!! But then a lady that we always would pass running in the morning came to our minds, and we couldn’t even remember what house it was so we went looking, and SHE JUST HAPPENED TO BE OUTSIDE HER HOUSE!!! How perfect is Gods timing right??? So We asked if we could share something with her, this sweet sweet happy old lady and she said no, but then something changed and she let us in! So we entered her house!! We shared with her a quick little lesson, felt the spirit, and left. And my companion and I were SO EXCITED!!!!! So excited, because God answers prayers!!! We had actually talked to Maria before in the street, and only remembered when we were in her house! 

Haha but the funny part of this story is that we were so excited that we found a new investigator, and the next morning, I was thinking about the contact we had with her the week before, and I remembered, she actually was baptized like 30 years ago.... and she is actually a less active member.... but we are still just as happy! Because the work of salvation is all the same! So what a funny miracle!! :) 

But with this week and Easter, we have been sharing the video "Prince of Peace" and I love it! Christ really gives a peace the world cannot offer. (John 14:27) So who are we to not share this peace with all of our brothers and sisters on this earth? I love sharing the gospel!!! Share the peace with all you know!! I love you all so much!!! Follow the spirit!! He really is your best friend!!! Have the best week and the best Easter. I love you all!!! 

Hermana Christensen  

Making sopapillas with D. & J. to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of their baptism!

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