Monday, March 13, 2017

Land of Miracles!

From Capillas Abiertas at the beach, special trainings, new investigators, intercambios, peralillo, Bible videos, falling off bikes, rides through the country, lots of laughs, answers received, hearts changed, and the miracle of forgiveness, this week has been INCREDIBLE!!!! And wow this week has just flown by!!! But it´s been incredible! I feel like I learned SO much! And the Lord totally answered all of my prayers! I feel so blessed!  

This week I have decided to really focus on charity. I decided to start memorizing Moroni 7:45-48, and it has TOTALLY helped me! So whenever I have an impatient thought, or I get bugged, I think of that scripture, and it helps remind me of how incredible charity is! And I have just been trying to replace my negative thoughts with scriptures and hymns, and IT TOTALLY WORKS! I love memorizing scriptures! And I have definitely noticed and increase in love for everyone and everything!!!

But as far as the work goes, N., our fecha for 16 de Abril RECIEVED AN ANSWER!!!! We have been continually talking about her baptismal date, and inviting her to read and pray and really ask God about everything we are sharing, and she has been keeping her commitments SO well! But the other day we were in intercambios, but Hermana Hilburn passed by, and N. was so excited to tell her that she was just cleaning the other day, and thinking about everything we had shared with her, and when she started to think about her baptism, she said a huge peace overcame her, and she just knew that was her answer!!! How cool is the Holy Ghost?! She couldn´t come to church though because Saturday night she was in the hospital with a kidney stone, but she is progressing SO much!!! I love how we can always count on the Holy Ghost to testify!!!

Also, Paniahue. I think that name is probably translated into English as ¨land of miracles¨ right? :) Because let me tell you it is the LAND OF MIRACLES!!! Yesterday we passed by a menos activa, who is a single mom, and she let us in! Words cannot express the amount of excitement she had to receive us, share with us, and learn with us!!! She has such a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon, and a strong desire to return to the church, she just needs a little bit of help getting there! But she was SO HAPPY to receive Hermanas, she told us how hard it was because she could never really receive the Elders. But she committed to read the Book of Mormon every day and to pray, and she is preparing to come back to church!! MIRACLES!!!

We also found a new investigator yesterday that is looking to change his life and come closer to Christ. He is married to a menos activa and she doesn´t remember anything, but we had an incredible first lesson with them yesterday! The spirit was so strong!!! We are just seeing so many people prepared to receive the gospel! And we are SO GRATEFUL for the chance to work in Paniahue!! This little branch has so much potential! I just love that place with all my heart!!!!  

But the thing I have learned probably the most this week is that we are all agents! We have the power within us to CHOOSE!!! How cool is that?! We can choose to be happy, choose to repent, choose to be patient, choose to love, and choose to be a disciple of Christ. And with this agency, we can CHOOSE TO RETURN TO GOD´S PRESENCE!!!! Isn´t that incredible? God created us with the capacity to choose to return to his presence if we want to! I am so grateful for my agency! And every day I just want to choose Him.

I love this work! I love being a missionary! I have seen the divine power of the Atonement work not only in my life, but in the lives of many others here in Chile, and I know it´s all true!!!!

Thank you for all your love and support! I love you ALL!!! Have the best week!
Sending all my love from Chile,
Hermana Christensen 
Ashley's 1st time to see the ocean on her mission!

Beautiful countryside

Capillas Abiertas

Found a cute puppy!

Puppy love!

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