Monday, March 20, 2017

SURPRISE! I'm leaving Santa Cruz! (and right before Hermana Whittingham got there!)

Wow what an exciting week this has been! Definitely one of the most tiring weeks in my mission! I don´t know why, maybe because we were running around doing service and teaching and changing sectors between Paniahue, Relief Society anniversaries and mutual for the young women! But with that said, it was also the best week of this cambio!!! I had such a blast! And SURPRISE!!!!!! I am leaving Santa Cruz! I am going up to Buin (suburb of Santiago) still as a Hermana Leader, but with Hermana Owen! (Hermana Gardanier’s CCM companion!!) I AM SO EXCITED!!!! 

But I am so sad to leave Hermana Hilburn, and Nathaly, and all our amazing people we have found here in Santa Cruz!! Yesterday was the BEST day here! We gave our testimonies in Sacrament meeting in Paniahue, then we taught Principles of the Gospel, and taught Luis and Nathalia, our GOLDEN investigators in Paniahue, and we taught Joanna! WE TAUGHT SO AMAZING!!"! It was like the peak of our teaching as a companionship!!! We both felt the spirit so strong!!! We felt it guiding our words and our lessons!!! 

I don´t have much to say, but I just want to express how grateful I am for this cambio! Santa Cruz was definitely my most humbling sector, and even though this cambio was a bit of a rollercoaster, I wouldn´t trade my experiences for anything! 

All I know is that this gospel is so true. I have seen it change lives. There are miracles in every moment. And when we center our lives on Christ, we can always hope for better things to come! 

And it looks like for this crazy lil’ missionary there are miracles awaiting me in BUIN!!!! But I am so ready for this crazy ride!!! 

I love this gospel. And I just LOVE being a missionary!!!! Keep sharing the light!! I love you all!!! Have the BEST week!!! 

All the love in this Chilean heart, 
Hermana Christensen 

PS. I now will have 6 transfers as Hermana leader... that’s half my mission! And I will have 7 transfers with gringas.... that’s over half my mission! Crazy! 

*****We were hoping that Ashley and her friend from high school, Kristi Whittingham, who just got to the mission this week, would g et to serve together.  Sadly, they JUST missed each other!!!  Kristi was sent to Santa Cruz the day that Ashley was transferred out of Santa Cruz!  If Ashley hadn't been transferred, they would have been housemates and with Ashley as a sister training leader, they would have got to go on exchanges together.  So that was sad!  Ashley is excited for her new area though.  She said in her journal, "It's so funny!  My whole mission I knew I was going to go to Buin! (because she didn't want to)  But wow.  I am going to be with a gringa again!  That is over 1/2 my mission with gringas!  And 1/2 my mission as a Hermana Lider.  Wow.  I am so blessed!  I love these Hermanas!  And my zone in Buin is going to ROCK!  Hna. Betaneur, Hna. Brown!  And Hna. Mendoza, the Filipina! (the trainee of Hna. Hilburn). SHE'S GOING TO TEACH ME TAGALOG! I am SO PUMPED!  I know my Heavenly Father just loves me so much!  I will forever love Santa Cruz!  It was just a little time, but it's changed me!  I love the mission! I am so excited! AHHH!"*****

*****Also, I didn't get any pictures from Ashley this week, but I became friends on Facebook with her investigator, O., from Rauquen/Curico (where she served for 7 months before transferring to Santa Cruz)  And from O.'s Facebook, I got some pictures of O. and her family at the Santiago Temple grounds with Hermana Kristi Whittingham!  They met there while Kristi was still in the MTC (which is right next to the temple) and Olga and her family were visiting the temple grounds!  Small world!  Below are a couple pictures of that!*****

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