Monday, February 13, 2017

My new area is SO AWESOME!

This week's email from Ashley was her answering my many questions!

1. How is your new area? Are you adjusting well? Are you happy?
 My new area is SO AWESOME!!! I really feel like there’s a lot of potential! The thing is I got here, and last cambio it was Hermana Al-M's last cambio, and so they had lots of stuff to do for her, so we don’t really have investigators but we are finding so many people!! BUT SANTA CRUZ IS SOOOOOO PRETTY!!!!!!!!!!! I really really really love the country so so much! I literally feel so lucky to be here!!! But YES I am so happy!!! This week we have contacted people, Lots of people! And we taught a Spanish Class to a bunch of Haitians! There’s so many of them here! The little branch is SO CUTE!! The members here are incredible! They are so strong!!! I really love Santa Cruz! I will admit this past week has been a little bit hard to adjust, to adjust to a new area, working with different people, etc. but it has not been bad at all! I LOVE HERMANA H!! We are so happy to be together! And the whole mission KNOWS how much we love each other, so the funniest part of this week was going to Consejo (the monthly training meeting at the mission home with the mission leaders)! There are 6 Hermanas from my MTC group that are Hermana Leaders right now too, and the best part was to hear all the reactions of everyone else when they found out we were companions!!! Ha-ha, we are just so happy!!! :)
 It was sad to leave Rauquen, but I will be back!!! I am happy for new opportunities! And there is a LOT of work to do here! But honestly, that’s just what I wanted! God always answers my prayers! I was praying for a change that would help me to WORK WORK WORK because I love it when you get to that point where you just forget about yourself and you just give your whole heart! I LOVE that! And I feel like I am getting to that point again! I lost it for a little bit, but I’m back there! I LOVE THE MISSION!!!! So I would say yes I am happy! :) 
2. What is the branch like?
 The branch is great!!! It’s so small but so cute! There’s a lot of helping the members with their callings and filling in! They are awesome though! Attendance this week was really good apparently!!! And we had 3 investigators in church!!! But usually like 30-40 are at church! 
3. How has it been serving with Hermana H again?   IT’S BEEN AWESOME!!! Honestly I love her! But it's been really weird transition hahahah because I love her so much, and we get each other like completely, but there’s some things we do differently, but we are getting there!!! But I LOVE HER SO MUCH!!! It’s been AWESOME!!! She even agreed to come running with me in the mornings!!!! She has changed so much! She told me I have too! And that I am more confident now!! WOOOOO go team!!! But really I LOVE her!!! We teach really well together! Still! After a year we still got our rhythm!! She rocks. But she is SO good at contacting! I just am amazed! I love her! 
4. Was it hard to leave Rauquen and Hermana G?
Yeah, but not too hard because with her, it’s not the end.  And then she gave me an "I can do hard things" necklace at Consejo after 3 days without her, and I CRIED!!! Hahaha I love her too much!!! :) 
5. What are some things you like about your new area?
IT’S SO PRETTY!!!!! And the people here are SO nice! Literally you talk to anyone in the street and they are SO friendly!!! And it's so small! You can walk everywhere!!!! It's SO PRETTY!!!!! And I love the hermanas in our house!!! But the people! I like the country people a lot more!!! Our sector has a few really new neighborhoods that have lots of potential! I really love it!!! 
6.  Do you know any of the other missionaries in your district/zone?  Elder G. came to my zone with me!!! We were in Rauquen together for 6 months! He is like my brother! I love him! And I knew Hermana H, but other than that, nope! BUT Elder Lee is in my zone! I talked to him!!!! He’s cool! It was so funny! He was like "I think our parents are like really good friends" and I was like yep!!! Hahahaha 
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