Monday, January 2, 2017

Wow, what a week of growth!

Wow what a week of growth! I am so amazed by how much I can learn in just one week! From Consejo, to answered prayers, to amazing studies, new insights, miraculously running into ex- missionary Elder Maxfield and his wife, New Year’s, new goals, a growing testimony, finding golden investigators, and ending the week with the most powerful Noche de Hogar with O. and E.! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!! I could not be happier! :)  I don´t know how God answers all my questions but he always does! I love the spirit so much!!  But that´s been the theme for this week! Lots of learning and lots of personal revelation! I know what God is trying to teach me, I finally figured it out! He always answers my prayers! All I know is this gospel is absolutely incredible!! 

My companion, you already know, is the BEST companion in the whole world! She is helping me so much in my progression as not only a missionary but as a person too! I could not be more blessed! This week we decided is the week where we reach all of the goals! We have ALL the tools we need! We are the only ones getting in the way! 

Our sector! Oh my heavens this week has been amazing! We have 4 fechas, we got 2 on Monday! P. and N. from Haiti! So humble, so excited to learn about this gospel!!They are AMAZING!!! S. is progressing SO much! She literally is so converted! She is willing to do anything to be baptized and every day she convinced her pareja a little bit more so they can get married so she can get baptized! She told us she has repented and left behind all her sins, but she needs to be baptized so she can feel that relief, AHH she is so amazing! She said she feels like she finally found what she´s been searching for her whole life!!! WOAH!! SO AMAZING!!!  E. is so converted to this gospel! He goes to church as stays for the classes every week! He has come to church 9 times! And he fasts every month! Yesterday he fasted! I could not be happier for him! We are still working hard with O. to help him experience what her husband is experiencing, but yesterday we had a family night, we watched The Testaments, and in the end, almost everyone had tears in their eyes, including O. She felt it. And when we asked her about how she felt, she told us she loved the repentance of Jacob, that´s what impressed her the most. It was incredible. They are an incredible family!

OH yeah! And this week when we went one day to contact, we found Jose. We said a prayer before we started to contact to find someone that we could give a Book of Mormon to, and we found Jose. He listened to us in the heat for about 15 minutes in the hottest part of the day! We shared a summary of the Restoration and testified! And he was more than willing to accept us again! It was one of those contacts where you just know they are going to accept the gospel! Jose is a chosen one! I know without a doubt that God is always preparing people for us! It´s just up to us if we are willing to find them or not! 

I love my life! I love this gospel! And I love being able to share it with everyone! This is the Lord´s work! He directs every second! I just feel so blessed to be part of it! I love my Savior, and I cannot wait to meet him again someday! :) I just want to make him proud! :) 

Have the BEST week everybody! And just remember there´s a little Chilean missionary that loves you so much! 

Hermana Christensen :)

*Ashley also told us in her email that there are 3 other sister missionaries from her MTC district that are now sister training leaders, too, so she gets to see them at her meetings!  And one of them, her MTC companion Hermana H., is now companions with her former housemate that she loved so much, Hermana A.! 
Three more sister training leaders from her MTC district!

With dear friends Hermana A. and Hermana H. at Consejo

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