Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Not burned yet, even though all of Chile is burning!

 *** There have been huge, fast-spreading wildfires across central Chile, due to drought,100+ degree temperatures and strong winds.  Ashley's mission is in the two regions of Chile that have been hit the hardest. The fires are not in her exact area, but the smoke is, so she's been breathing that in.  So, please keep the people of central Chile, and especially those fighting the fires, in your prayers. And please pray that they can get the fires out.  Thank you! ***

 My week has been amazing! Full of adventures on our bikes, trying not to wet our pants from drinking so much water, fashionable missionary shoe tan lines, the most amazing zone training with President, losing my voice, then getting it back, eating more watermelon this week than I have in my whole life and eating almost 2 packs of icebreakers in our companionship, having P., J., E., and Ju. all came to church, and not getting burned yet even though all of Chile is burning :(.  I am really learning how to be an instrument in God´s hands, and I am loving every minute of being a missionary for the Lord! :) 

This week was slow with lessons, but as usual, FULL of miracles! I cannot even tell you how perfect God´s plan is! He literally is up there just putting everything in place! Everyone that needs a little lift, he puts in our path, and we are literally just so happy to be little instruments in his hands! AH, it´s the best!!! 

This week O. said she had repented of all of her sins! Recently she´s been so happy! So positive! And so blessed! She said it was luck, but E. said, Nooooo, it´s blessings from God! That´s right E., you know it! :) But they are doing great! Olga didn´t come to church yesterday, but she didn´t go to work! Also, J. came to church!! WHAT A MIRACLE!!! Oh, he is progressing so much! Omar was his buddy to show him around the chapel, and to sit with him in his classes! He said he felt relieved in the chapel! AH, the church is so true!!! I LOVE church! I LOVE the sacrament! I LOVE fresh starts! I LOVE the miracle of repentance! I LOVE this amazing plan God has for us! Incredible. 

So this week I was talking with my companion, and I had been really stressed recently, and I didn´t know why, but we realized it´s because I realized how little time I have left! This week I will complete exactly one year down here in Chile.  I can tell you, it´s literally been the BEST year of my life! I never thought I would be able to experience SO much joy! But with that being said, this last third of the mission, I want to give my ALL to the Lord! I literally have the rest of my life to rest, to sleep, to relax, but in these six months, I want to give every second, every breath to my Savior. I love my Savior. He has changed my life! The least I can do is bring a little bit of his light to his children here in Chile. I love this gospel! It´s absolutely perfect! It could not be perfect! And every step we take with our Savior, are steps of light! He is the light! WOW! I just love him! 

And I love all of you guys so much! Thank you for your love and support! Have the Best week ever!!! Keep sharing the love! :)

Lots of love from your fav lil’ Chilean, 

Hermana Christensen :) 

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