Monday, January 9, 2017

A great week of growth!

Hello Loved Ones!!! :) 

Esta semana ha sido genial! Ha sido una semana de crecimiento!!!(This week has been great!  It's been a week of growth!) We have been working hard to find new people! And we have been learning a lot together as a companionship! But I am doing great! I love the mission! And I really love Hermana Gr! My companion literally changes my life every single day! I don´t know how that´s possible! But it´s true! We had a really good conversation this week about how we want to change, and how we want to continue everything we are doing here in the mission, after the mission too! But we know we have lots to change! And we are trying to change! We really want to leave the natural man behind, to be able to reach our potential as missionaries and as people too! AHHH she´s amazing! How am I so blessed?? 
Yummy fruit from members!

P. and N. have a fecha for 21 of January, but they have been difficult to find this week! This cambio, we have been needing to find new people to teach, and we have! We have lots of really amazing new investigators and lots of futuros with lots of potential, so that´s about where we are at right now! But I know we can do a lot better! We made plans this week to do the plans, first of all, but also to talk to literally everyone! EVERYBODY NEEDS THE GOSPEL!!! Have you ever just felt like wow.... it´s SO sad that these people don´t know where to find hope? Where to find real joy? Where to feel peace? And rest from the world? It literally breaks my heart! And when I think about how much this gospel can change their lives, it´s really hard to stay silent about it!! I know there is literally nothing more important than what we have to share!!! So we are going to share it with literally EVERYONE here in Chile!!! 

This week we found Jose. AHHH JOSE!!!!  We gave him a Book of Mormon and the first lesson we had with him, was literally like one of the lessons from The District! He is SO ready for the gospel!!! He told us that he was looking for a way to change, and then we came and knocked on the door and presented him with what he was looking for! He has plans to read the Book of Mormon every day! He is so good! So prepared! So we are just trying to find the Joses of our sector, those people who are so prepared for the gospel!! Recently they´ve been showing up all around our sector!!! HOW AMAZING!!! 

Lastly, this week we had intercambios, and there could not have been more precise timing!! I got on the bus to go to the sector of this Hermana and she just started crying, because she has been so stressed, and felt like she couldn´t do it! But with her, we were able to study atonement together! Especially about the enabling power of the atonement. It was so powerful!!! I am so amazed by the power the atonement has! I literally will never be able to express the love I have for my Savior, and the gratitude I have for his atonement. The sweet testimony of this Hermana touched my heart! She said she hadn´t been applying the atonement in that way, and thanked me for showing her a different perspective, because she had forgotten that side of Christ´s atoning sacrifice. But it is so real! There isn´t anything more real in this world! It was amazing! I know everything is inspired, because God has a plan, a perfect plan, for each one of his kids! I love this gospel! More than anything else! 

Thank you so much for all your love and support! Have the best week ever!! 

Hermana Christensen 
Investigator, who is a clown, making a balloon character

Posing with Balloon Hermana G!
Making a bucket list

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