Monday, July 18, 2016

This week stretched me!

Wow, to say that this week stretched me would be an understatement!!!! For me this week has been harder than leaving for my mission!!!! Literally everything I know and loved was taken away, and I got plopped in a whitewash.  But okay, that’s good, right??? I am so far out of my comfort zone but that’s okay because this week I have done things I never would have done in Machali... 

BUT DON'T FREAK OUT MOMMY,  I AM SUPER HAPPY!!!!! It’s just different!!! I have to learn to love in a different way with the hermanas I’m with. It’s so different! I am the only gringa in the house, and the youngest in the house, and yup!!! Hahaha but I am really learning to love it here!!! The hermanas are great! So different, but so great!!! 

After yesterday things calmed down. Our ward is really small, but it’s good, and it’s progressing!! The sector is sadly a walking sector, but it’s pretty big! I love it though!!! 

My compi is good! We are really diligent and I love her, but it’s different.  She hasn’t really opened up to me yet, but she’s starting to!!! She’s from Argentina, and we have the same time in the mission. Again! Hahaha 

(Answer to my questions:)

I would say I am adjusting well to the change after one week!!! Hahaha- We have a new rule where when we get sad about missing our old sectors or comps, then we have to contact the next person we see.... Man, we are going to run out of pamphlets!!! Hahaha, just kidding. 

Curico is cute, tranquillo, and I do like it here overall!!! Yesterday I decided I have to give up my desires, to be able to give the Lord more. And he has called me and trusted me in Rauquen! So from now on I will give all my heart to Rauqen!!! 

 Yes, we keep warm!!! I think I came the most prepared! Thanks mom!!! 

 The only person I knew in my zone is my zone leader, Elder Porter! I was in the same zone as him my first two cambios and that was so nice to have a familiar face!!  What a bro!

But yeah!!!  No worries!!! We have lots of work to do! 

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