Monday, July 25, 2016

There can be miracles if you believe!

Okay this week! The Lord has blessed me more than I can ever imagine!!!! We are seeing SO many miracles here in Curico!!! Okay! So besides the rain and the cold, I decided I got to give my all to the Lord. Basically these last 2 days have been incredible!!!! I can’t believe it!!! We had companionship inventory, and we talked about how we both were lacking in faith. So we decided to ask in faith, for specific miracles! And that´s just what we did!!! That night in my prayers, I prayed with all my heart, and I asked God to help us find a new investigator, just one! Just one that would progress! And I knew we would find one the next day.

So we were in divisions and I went with Hermana S to her sector in the morning, but then at lunch with the Hermanas I asked how the morning went, and they said, AMAZING!!! And I was like WHAT? And they told me they found a new investigator! And she´s really interested. And as soon as they told me, I knew God had answered my prayers. And from that moment forward, we have been doing everything with faith! Every lesson! Every contact!!! And The work is BOOMING!!!! There is so much to do!!! But it all starts with our faith!!! If we believe the miracles will come, they COME!!!! We found 4 new investigators this week!! And we are committing Francisco, and investigator as of one year, to baptism tonight! And all the members are SO amazing and want to help us with lessons and everything!! Our little barrio in Rauquen is really progressing!!!! 

So basically I have learned more this week than in my whole mission probably!!! I feel so blessed and fortunate to be here with the Hermanas I am with, they are AMAZING, and to be able to see the Lords work progress!!! I was talking with my companion, and we don’t know what happened, because we didn’t do anything, but all of the sudden the work started booming! And all these things started happening! People who have been totally turned away from the church are coming back! And we really can see the Lord doing his work! We are just the instruments!!! 

But that’s about it for now!! I am SO HAPPY!!!! And SO EXCITED!!!! And so incredibly blessed to be a part of this great work!!! The Lord really works by faith, and the miracles always come!!!! So in the words from the song from Prince of Egypt "THERE CAN BE MIRACLES IF YOU BELIEVE!!!!!" 

I love you all!!! Have the best week every!!! And enjoy the sun for me!!!! :) 
Happy Birthday, Hermana M!

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