Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Happy 4th of July!!!

Ashley and her housemates sporting their patriotic bling on their 4th of July P Day!

WOOOOO!!!! WHAT AN AMAZING WEEK!!!! Okay but seriously!!! So much is happening here in Chile! We got a new mission president! I love my housemates! I am teaching English classes by myself! Chilean soccer!!!  M. passed her baptismal interview, and I feel like I can actually speak Spanish now! Sometimes! But really, I LOVE THE MISSION!!! I can’t believe how fast the time has gone! It’s amazing! I have learned so much!!!!
But really quick update with my peeps!!!!

B. and M. B. has a fecha for the 30th of this month and Miranda is getting baptized this Saturday on the 9th with two other people in Machali! She has already had her baptismal interview and she passed! She’s ready to go! But we are going to be verifying every day this week to keep her on the course! She is so amazing! Her first lesson was my first day in the field, 4 and a half months ago, and it’s been a long road, but she knows now, and is ready to make this covenant! It’s going to be an amazing day!! We are trying to find some new investigators right now, but we have lots of investigators with potential to progress! It’s actually amazing!!!

I just want to share a quick experience! We were talking to M.’s aunt this week who is a very active member of Cachapoal, and she told us this story. She was talking to M. about her baptism one day, and she knows that Miranda loves the missionaries and we have a really close relationship with her. But she asked M., "Do you really believe? Because I know you love the missionaries and I don’t want you to get baptized just because of them. They are amazing but that’s not why you should get baptized." and M. said, "Clementina, I believe. If I didn’t I wouldn’t get baptized." And my heart was so full of love for that girl! It’s a miracle! I am so happy for her!!!  I really cannot believe all the miracles that are happening in our sector!!! It’s miraculous!!!

That’s about it for now! Things couldn’t be better here in Machali C! Thank you for all your love and support!!!!! Remember, to always choose the harder right, than the easier wrong. That’s the new motto thanks to our beloved Prophet! 

All the love in this lil’ Chileans heart,

Hermana Christensen

P.S. REMEMBER: Nothing is awkward when it comes to eternal salvation! :)
P Day soccer

Sleepy Hermanas

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