Monday, April 4, 2016

This work is so inspired!

I LOVED CONFERENCE!!!! IT WAS JUST WHAT I NEEDED!!!!!!! And Elder Eyring’s talk at the beginning and especially Elder Holland’s at the end were DIRECTED AT ME!!!!!! And everything in between too! I was super lucky to watch conference in English!! They had an English room for the missionaries in the stake center so I got to see it all!!! Man. I have never felt so homesick / at home in my life! It felt so natural to watch conference in English and it was such a miracle for me! I am so much more at peace.  And I have never been prouder to be from Utah in my life! Whenever I would see the temple I’m like, that’s my home!!!!! Ha-ha, so much stinking fun!!!
One thing that really struck me during conference is you don’t have to be perfect to be worthy, and I realized I was striving too much for perfection, and was so upset that I wasn’t perfect, and of course we should strive for perfection, but we aren’t going to get it in this life! And as long as I am doing to best I can, it is enough! Like Elder Holland said, as long as I am striving to keep the commandments, and even just hoping, if that’s all we can do, it is enough! :) Oh, I felt so much peace during conference! I LOVE THIS CHURCH!!!! 

With my comp, things are going great!! I really do love her with my whole heart.  My Spanish got worse this week though, but conference was a big part of that! Ha-ha, but new week, new goals!!! I told her ONLY SPANISH! I AM SERIOUS!!! And she is being a lot more helpful! It’s kind of hard sometimes because we have been working super hard, but not much has come of it, and we had to drop like 3 investigators. R. is good for baptism, except he has no friends in Machali, just his girlfriend in Cachapoal, so that’s a problem, but he passed his interview for baptism which is good! But we might postpone his baptism, just so he can be a little more converted to the gospel.  I don’t know. We are praying about it! With M., she is still super awesome! But we are not! Three members canceled with accompanying us to lessons so we couldn’t teach her this week, and her mom made cake for us and everything! But she is amazing and really wants to gain a testimony of our Savior! She is amazing! And I hope she doesn’t lose interest because of us not being able to teach her!!! But she’s good! :) 

This week I learned more than anything else that THIS WORK IS SO INSPIRED!!!! Literally every second of every day!!! I know it is! I can see it!!!! We had to go on unexpected divisions this week so I, last minute, had to take 2 hermanas to my sector to work and I had no plans! So I took a few minutes and prayed for help to guide me, and Heavenly Father totally did! The second house we knocked on, the lady let us in! And we taught her a lesson! And she wants us to come back! And that was the first time in my mission we have entered on a contact!!! It was incredible!!!!! And then later we were walking in the same neighborhood to find more futuros, and this less active was talking to her neighbor and told us to visit her! But we wouldn’t have met her otherwise!!!!!! MIRACLES, MAN!!!! 
Also the miracles kept coming!!!! I GOT TO GO ON SPLITS WITH HERMANA FOWERS THIS WEEK!!! One of my best friends from the CCM!!! And it was like the best day of my life! Once again, miracles happened!!! First of all, we were able to teach a whole lesson in Spanish, with asking questions and understanding and everything by ourselves! And the spirit was so strong!!! It was the best lesson yet!!!! And then later, we contacted this house, the lady let us in, totally opened up about her whole life, and we were able to understand every word because she is a language teacher in a school so she doesn’t speak Chilean Spanish, but real Spanish! And Heavenly Father knew we were going to be there so he blessed us with her because he knew we would be able to understand her!!! Oh, it was amazing!!! I have so much love for her!!!! 
Anyways, the work is good! It’s so inspired! And I am so happy to be here!!! 
And that’s all! You guys are perfect! Sounds like another great week! Tell Christian CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! I was praying so hard for him all week!

Okay, I love you all!!!! And heaven is always cheering you on! Every second!!!

Hermana Christensen

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