Monday, March 14, 2016

Wow!!! LOTS has happened!

***In this week’s letter from Ashley she just answered all the questions that I asked her and that took all of her time, so is what her letter consists of!  One thing that she didn’t mention in this letter, but I read from a journal entry that she sent me, is that she committed someone to baptism on her first day!  His name is R. and he is dating a member of the church and he has gone to church several times, but hadn’t ever received the missionary lessons.  So that was an exciting first day!

WOW!!!!!! LOTS has happened!!!!! These past two weeks have been some of the hardest of my life, but so good! Weeks of learning for sure!!! So much learning! Okay, so were to begin!!!! It was so sad to leave the MTC!!!! Aw man, it was sooooo sad, but so exciting at the same time!!! And man, missions are like so different from what I thought, but it’s all good!!! Our proselyting day at the CCM was awesome!!!! We got contact information from some people, and I gave out my first Book of Mormon when we did street contacting!!!!  I went to the Santiago Sur Mission to proselyte. But I am so glad I am in Rancagua and not Santiago Sur because Rancagua is WAY prettier!!!!! Aw man, I love it here! It’s so, so pretty!!!!

So to answer your questions!

1. YES! I am happy! And feeling good! There is no doubt in my mind that I am supposed to be here in Rancagua Chile. My mission president says EXACTLY what I need to hear and he has already helped me so much and it hasn’t even been a week ! But wow. Missions are crazy!!! I have already learned so much about the gospel, the atonement, and Spanish too! And people in general!!!! The people here are so nice! Most of the time! They are very generous and always give us water or juice on hot days!
And guess what?  I’m in a biking sector! So we get to wear these pretty stunning helmets and wait for it.... Construction reflector vests after 5 o’clock!!! Dang. We are good-looking, that’s all I have to say!!!!
Hahaha but yes!!!! I am happy! And I am doing well!!! The Lord is helping me!!!! I can see him shaping me into the person I want to be! It’s quite amazing if you ask me!!!

2. My area ROCKS!!!!! I am in Machala C.  It’s like a little suburb of Rancagua! And my area is pretty big!!!! That’s why we have bikes!!! But it’s so pretty!!! We ride our bikes on the little path and I just look at the nature and fields and smile, because this area is perfect for me!!! And my companion is probably this sweetest little Peruvian I ever did meet! (Emphasis on the little... hahaha).  Yeah, she’s tiny!!! But so full of faith! She is a great teacher, really good at expressing her love for me, and I have already learned so much from her! I hope I can be as good as a missionary as she is someday!!!!! Aw, I love her!!! She’s such a little spaz!! She’s 19 too, and she calls me Fruitillita!! (Little strawberry) Ha-ha, I love her!!!

3. Language. Wooooo. I was like first day.... I GOT THIS and then we got in the lessons and talking to people and I was like… I DONT GOT THIS!!!! Ha-ha, but its okay!!! I’ve probably learned more this week than in the whole CCM experience!!! Ha-ha, it’s good! Little by little !!!! I keep reminding myself it’s the first week, but my comp makes me talk in lessons and contacts so lots of embarrassing moments, but they are all for my benefit!!! Ha-ha

4. My apartment is SO NICE!!!! It’s actually a house in this cute little neighborhood!! So funny, here they have neighborhoods, and they build the exact same house like 50 times, and that’s the neighborhood! Ha-ha, so I have the same house as like 50000000000000 other people in my neighborhood! It’s soooooo nice though! A cute little thing!!! I also live with Hermana Cook from D7 in the CCM and her comp, Hermana Almalki!!! LOVE THEM!!!! And I'm so glad I do! Hermana Almalki speaks amazing English and so that’s super helpful!!!! because my comp hardly speaks any! But no worries! I'm training her!!! We get to use the dictionary a lot to communicate between each other! Hahahaha

5. Please pray for M. Dominguez, she is supposed to be baptized next week but didn’t come to church this week! But that’s all I can think of at the momento! She has such a difficult family life, so that would be helpful!!!

Okay and some things I would like to say, Ecclesiastes 3:5 was written for missionaries... It’s so funny please read it!!! Hahahaha

And some other random things about my area: There is a TON of dogs here!!!!! Gotta love it!!!! I only almost die like everyday... Its fine!!!! Hahahah! Oh yeah, and all the men say hello and try to hit on us because I'm obviously gringo.... hahaha, it’s super funny! We will be riding down the street and some guys will say something to us and my comp is like, do you understand? And I’m like no, and she’s like, it’s better that way!!! Hahaha! Oh, I love Machali! So funny!

Oh, and they feed us SO MUCH food! I never eat dinner and sometimes not breakfast cuz they feed us so much! I’m pretty sure I’m going to be fat.... Haha, but you only misión once right? Ha-ha!

Okay that’s all I have time for! Love you all! Have a great week!!!!!

All my love,
Hermana Christensen

Also read 1 Peter 1 because it’s my NEW FAV CHAPTER!!!!

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