Monday, June 26, 2017

Land of miracles

WOW!! What a week it has been! Definitely a week of relying on the Lord! But I am just SO grateful to be a missionary! Especially here! The Lord is blessing us so much!!! :) I love Hermana L!!! I really do! She is such a great missionary! I really love her! She has progressed SO much in just one week! It was incredible!!! 

So our sector is doing great!!! SO MANY MIRACLES!!! Conti is the land of miracles!!  So we were having a hard time finding new investigators, but guess what? This week we found 6 new investigators!! And we made significant progress with our three fechas: J, for the 22 of July, and V and J, for the 25 of July!! V told us, "Hermanas, I am going to be baptized on the 25th, not a day sooner, not a day later!" AHHH IT WAS AMAZING!!! We read through the baptismal requirements in D&C 20:37, and she is ready!! Oh what joy!!! 

Also, O finally found the determination to talk to her family that visits her every Sunday to tell them that she is going to church, and that she wants to be able to go to our meetings on Sundays, instead of having to attend them. OH so much progress here in Conti!! :) I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!! 

This week we practiced as a companionship the points in Preach my Gospel from, "How to begin teaching" (when we first walk in a house) and we practiced a LOT, especially in the bus rides from Talca! But the coolest thing was, Sunday afternoon, during my personal studies, I prayed and asked God for the opportunity to find  a new investigator, so we could use the points we had just practiced in, and of course, God answered my prayer! We found Teresa! And her two sons J and M, and we were able to apply ALL the points of how to begin teaching, because she let us in to hear our message!!! It was INCREDIBLE!!!! OH Heavenly Father really knows what he is doing!!!

This week as a companionship we made a goal. Our goal was to share the last point of how to begin teaching, that talks about covenants and baptism, with all of our first lessons and contacts so that the people can feel the importance of this message, the importance of covenants.  By doing this, we can prepare them sooner for the baptismal invitation! We just want to invite everyone to baptism! After all, that is our calling! :) And I know that God is preparing people, and he has given us all the instruments we need, now we are the ones that just have to do it! Just invite! 

I am SO SO grateful to be a missionary and a full-time representative and disciple of our Lord Jesus Christ. For now and for the rest of my life I want to be an instrument in his hands, to invite others to come unto him. Oh how I love this work!

I love you all so much! Keep sharing your light!!!! 

With all my love, 
Hermana Christensen 

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