Monday, June 19, 2017

What an adventure it has been

OKAY!!! From traveling for days, staying the night in Rancagua, receiving my new companion Hermana L, inviting everyone to baptism, lots of laughs and lots of stress, braving the crazy tropical storm that knocked out all the electricity here for 2 days, and from all the funny moments of helping a new missionary learn Spanish, you could say this week has been the BEST WEEK EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :):) :) :) 

WOW!!! What a week and what an adventure it has been! Training is SO MUCH FUN!!! But it´s also a little difficult at times but I am happy to say that we are getting the groove of things and we are SO happy to be missionaries! This week I was a little stressed out the first few days, but always more excited and happy than stressed out but, Heavenly Father is SO amazing, I have totally felt the Holy Ghost first of all comforting me, but also cleansing me, sanctifying me, and strengthening me! I LOVE the Holy Ghost! I LOVE the scriptures! And I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!! It´s literally the greatest thing ever!!! :)

OH MY GOODNESS HERMANA L IS INCREDIBLE!!! She is 19, and she´s from Gunnison Utah. WOO!!!! She reminds me a LOT of my trainer, Hermana Darley!!! This week has been a great week of learning for the both of us, but I really just REALLY love Hermana L! I just feel SO lucky to be her trainer!!! It is so amazing to see how much she progresses every day!!! OH MY! It´s a miraculous thing! We get along great!!! And we don´t have any problems! I am doing my best to teach her how to be the best missionary she can be! She does have a really hard time getting up in the morning, and the first few days were really rough, well, every morning is really  rough for her, but I am happy to say that after explaining the rules and everything, she has been out of bed, praying at 7:00am every morning!!! WOOOO!!! I cheer her on every morning! But she is amazing! And so so funny! And SO talented! And SO good with people! And she´s not afraid of anything!!! She is an incredible missionary, and wow, I can´t even imagine how powerful she is going to be when she can speak fluent Spanish!!! AH I AM HER NUMBER ONE FAN!!! I love Hermana L! 

Our sector!!! We put another fecha this week!!! WOOO!!! His name is J! He is 13 years old and he´s the nephew of a recent convert, and Hermana L´s new best friend (they totally bonded through video games and anime) haha :) But he is so prepared! He had a fecha before, but it fell through because he stopped going to church to go visit his Dad on the weekends, but he came to church yesterday and we made him a calendar to prepare him for baptism and he was SO excited!! We are working so hard to help these people progress! Our other two fechas didn´t come to church, and we are working with several investigators to get them to come to church, it seems to be the biggest challenge in our sector, but we´ll get them there!!! Also, we just have SO many investigators that we are running around from cita to cita all day, that there isn´t much time to find new investigators!! But we will be better at planning time to contact!! 

Okay Hermana L is amazing!!! It´s incredible because we have only been together for about 6 days, but I have already seen SO much progress in her! In her Spanish first of all, in her confidence, in her focus, in her desires to overcome the natural man, she is really progressing! And thanks to 12 semanas, she has got the baptismal invitation down!!! She invited three investigators to baptism last week, and SHE PUT A FECHA!!!! She is so set!! We are doing LOTS of practices and every practice gets better!!! Oh she is awesome! She doesn´t particularly like studying, and she doesn´t like setting goals, but I am helping her set goals, and helping her in her studies in disguise! Especially with the language and everything!! hehe :) I make her lists and charts and things to help her! :) But it´s amazing being a trainer because what I learned this week is you really have to go where they are, get down on their level, understand where they are coming from, and then you can slowly start to show them the way to get up to where they want to/need to be! OH it´s so incredible!!! 

I just feel so lucky the Lord trusts me enough to train this cambio! It has already been such a great experience for me and we are going to keep learning together! I am SO grateful for Hermana L! SHE BRINGS ALL THE MIRACLES!!!!! :)

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! Have the best week ever!!! I know we will!!! :)

Con todo mi corazon, 
Hermana Christensen 

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