Wednesday, November 30, 2016

We can all #LIGHTtheWORLD (#ILUMINAelMUNDO)!!!

Man this week has been so amazing! I literally have the best companion and the best sector, best ward, and best investigators in the world! I am learning SO much!!! I feel like I am growing so much with Hermana G., and I feel like I really am changing! Or at least I am trying to!

Update on O. and E.: E. is dropping the coffee, and they are progressing SO quickly! I don´t know if they will quite be ready for the 9th, but we are planning on pushing their fecha back a week to make sure they are really ready to make this covenant.  E. has completely dropped the coffee!  They are amazing! Yesterday we had a lesson with our leaders de zona and Olga and Edgar already have a testimony of tithing!! It´s amazing!!! I can´t believe how prepared they are! When we taught Palabra de Sabiduria, E. was worried because he has problems with those things, but he humbly accepted to live it, because he knows it´s what God wants, and what´s best for his family! He is willing to change everything for Christ, it´s incredible! His faith astounds me! Satan is really working on them right now, with problems with work and money especially, but we are doing everything we can to help them get to their baptism day! 

This week we started the Christmas initiative of the Church! Oh man, I LOVE IT SO MUCH I JUST WANT TO SHARE IT WITH THE WHOLE WORLD!!! The first time I saw the video I was like awww.... How trunky... all the lights and the families... but the first time we shared the video with a new investigator... it was SO POWERFUL!!!! And in that moment, I felt SO GRATEFUL to be a missionary! I wanted to cry because I have the chance to literally share this joy I feel with every person I see! I really can light the world! Because I can be a little light, giving light to everyone here in Chile!!!!  Because everyone deserves to feel this joy I have felt! And I cannot imagine a better Christmas season than this! Sharing with the world the hope of the Birth of Christ!!! Oh I love being a missionary!!!! And this campaign from the church is SO INSPIRED!! #ILUMINAELMUNDO  (#LIGHTtheWORLD) is so inspired!!! I invite you ALL to participate in the advent calendar!!! It's SO COOL!!! And it's amazing that we can continue Christ's ministry here on the earth today!!!  
(Find the advent calendar at: 

So be happy! Serve someone! Change someone's day! And be a light! That's what this world needs more than anything! A little more light!!! :) I love you all so much! Have the BEST week ever! And ...

Sending you guys all the love in my heart!

Hermana Christensen

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