Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Capilla Abierta!

Heyyyyy Mom!!! Oh wow!! Sounds like a rough week! But is Trump is better than Hillary? I didn´t know! It seems like everyone here in Chile has an opinion about him!!! And EVERYONE asks me what I think! I just laugh!! And tell them I´m just waiting for Christ to come again!! :) 

Okay as for this week! It´s been a crazy week! I have learned a lot! SO so much! I've learned about myself and what I need to improve too! But this week we had Capillas Abiertas! It was incredible! I got to be one of the missionaries that presented the chapel to the general public, and show them what we believe! Basically pure testimony!!! IT WAS AWESOME!!!! I felt the spirit so strong! We started in the Sacrament room, and we had a big Christ banner like in Temple Square and we listened to His voice. So many people cried; the spirit was so strong you could touch it!!! 

And cambios this week! I will stay here in Rauquen; Hermana S. is moving to the sector next door to finish her mission! Different ward, but I will still have intercambios with her! Hermana G. is my new compi and I know nothing about her! Only that she has one cambio less than me and she’s from the states too! I´m excited! Should be fun! 

But O. AND E.!!!!! They are amazing!!!" Their WHOLE family came to church on Sunday! Early! And O., without explaining anything to her, filled out a tithing sheet and gave it to the bishop!! They also brought their friend, T., who we have just started working with too! THEY LOVE THE CHURCH!!!! It was absolutely amazing! We have lots to do to help them prepare but they are without a doubt going to get baptized this next cambio!!! Oh my heart was so full of joy! Yesterday was incredible! I love them SO much! I am so happy I get to stay here!!! :) 

So adios from this happy lil’ missionary in Rauquen! Have the BEST week ever!! 

Hermana Christensen 

New haircut

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