Monday, August 8, 2016


Wow, this week has been so crazy, but so good! It´s the mission, what can you expect? Okay, I am doing really good.  My companion is SO amazing! She has a gift with recognizing the spirit! En serio!!! I am learning so much from her every single day, I feel so incredibly blessed! And my coordinadora, Hermana Morales too, she has changed my life so much! I am so blessed! I LOVE THE MISSION!!!!!!!! 

Okay so this week! Adventures with brownies, alarm malfunctions, almost got bit by a dog, we found an investigator made of GOLD, my first Pday trip to 7 Tazas, and the mountains here in Chile, laughing our heads off, experiencing the first fruits of spring, and basically having the time of my life! I LOVE THE MISSION!!! 

Okay but seriously, this week we were incredibly blessed in church attendance! We had 3 menos activos and a family of four menos activos in sacrament meeting, so that´s SEVEN MENOS ACTIVOS!!! But not only that, we have 4 investigators in sacrament meeting too!! I couldn´t believe it! I felt like the sons of Mosiah in sacrament meeting, because my heart was so full of joy! There is nothing better than seeing the lives of the people change when they come to know, or come back to the gospel, it’s INCREDIBLE!!!  Gloria, a Menos activa with cancer came for the first time in over a year, and she bore her testimony, and wants to come back to church!  

Okay but miracle!!! A girl we contacted in the street last week said she was member, but it turns out she was an antigua investigator, and we taught her, and put a fecha for 3 Septiembre!!! OUR FIRST FECHA HERE IN RAUQUEN!!! Her name is Constanza, and she’s 16. She is SO AMAZING!! She told us it is her dream to get baptized, and she wants to serve a mission someday, and get sealed in the temple is her ultimate goal. She accepted the baptismal invitation with tears in her eyes, and I JUST HAVE SO MUCH LOVE FOR HER!!!!  She has problems with smoking, and in the past with other things, so we know the road isn´t going to be easy with her, but she is amazing, and for some reason, we found her in this tiempo, so we are going to work as hard as we can to help her! The work is progressing in Rauquen C! I am so blessed to be here and to be part of this great work! I LOVE THE MISSION!!!! 

If there´s one thing I know, it´s that this gospel changes people’s lives, and heals them. Totally and completely. Our Savior is the only one who can heal us, and he always will if we let him in. I love Psalms 147:3, go share it with someone who needs a little healing! I love you all SO MUCH!!!! Have the BEST week EVER!!!!! :) :) :) :) 

All the love in this little Chilean’s heart, 

Hermana Cris (haha the new nickname... ;) )

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